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Historical Sports Events

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Identify and discuss two events that you consider significant in the history of sport/physical activity. For each event, give any important background information and discuss how/why the event is important, and the impact it had on sport and/or greater society. Include the link to any online article, name of book or movie etc. that was used to inform this submission, however, the assignment requires you to write at least 1 paragraph on each event, addressing the above outlined components.

A Product & its Image

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Thomas Hine examines the relationship between product and image in his works.  Using Hine’s examination of the image, consider how your ad illustrates the complex relationship between the product, how it is packaged and the image it is trying to convey.  Consider that every product—from clothing, to cars, to laundry detergent—is packaged in some way to make it appealing to the consumer.  Your ad may not be for something that is conventionally packaged (in a box, for example), but its image is carefully constructed.  How is the product in your ad packaged? 

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The Rejection of the Parallel Line Axiom

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The rejection of the parallel line axiom raised doubts about our basic sense of reason. If parallel lines can meet, then what’s left? The Evil Demon Argument raised doubts about tradition, authority and religion; the Dream Argument questioned human experience and science; the rejection of the parallel line axiom raised doubts about reason itself. Are there no certainties? We live in an era (at least in the Western world) where nothing is sacred.

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Understanding the Lack of Democratic Governance in the Middle East

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Democracy is predominantly practiced by the western world. The disdain Arab nations have towards colonial powers has given democracy a negative connotation. Discuss the causes and effects of the lack of democratic governance in the Middle East. The populations of oil-producing states in the Middle East benefit from the distributive nature of the state, and thus have no reason to pursue greater political freedoms. Non-oil producing states on the other hand have an authoritative one-party system where the regimes promise economic well-being and security/stability in their region in exchange for the population’s political freedoms. Continue reading

Effects of Technology on the Human Attention Span

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Did the advancement of technology help or worsen the human attention span? How has the human attention span been affected by technological advancements? Do you think that future generations will benefit from technology Why so, or not so? How did technology change our culture? Make sure to conduct further research to support your argument. Make it interesting and captivating to your readers. Continue reading

Analyzing 25 Years of AIDS

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The documentary ’25 Years of AIDS’ has 15 separate video installments that provide the viewer with an overview of the political, social, public health, and medical dimensions of the pandemic, both within the United States and globally. Clicking on the timeline: 25 years of AIDS provides a repository of documents, maps, and interviews with key informants that help in providing context to the video presentations.  What the documentary in the following links.

Video link: Part 1 http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/aids/
Part 2 https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/aids/#video-2
Documents link: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/aids/

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A Comparison of the American and the French Revolution

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The two most destructive events in the history of humanistic progress are revolutions and war because they often occur together and they leave massive disarrangements in society. Although revolutions and war cause deaths, human suffering and reorganization of society, they occasionally the result of modernity creating progress in industry, new impetus for commercial progress, and they redress the inefficiencies in development (Eisenstadt, 2017). Both the American Revolution and the French Revolution were terrible events particularly for people who have so much love and admiration for the aristocracy. For enlightened liberals, the two events were sadly inevitable, regardless of the horror they left behind. In the case of the French, a king and his queen were beheaded and the aristocracy abolished. Continue reading

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