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Difference Between Legal Defenses & Excuses

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There is a difference between legal defenses and excuses. Please, describe those differences in your own words and what is your opinion in this area? Discuss the various insanity defenses. Note carefully the differences and what standard does New Jersey follow? What is an affirmative defense and who raises this defense?

Factors that Should be Considered in a Presentence report

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Write a 4-5 page paper advocating for at least 3 factors that should be considered in a presentence report from the perspective of one of the following players in the criminal justice system:

Defense Attorney
Probation Officer

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‘Leadership is Something of Which One Should be More Ashamed than Proud’

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Read this book: Bryman, A., Collinson, D., Grint, K., Jackson, B. & Uhl-Bien, M. (2011). The Sage handbook of leadership. London, England: Sage Publications Ltd. ISBN-13: 978-1-84860-146-8. READ PART 3 of the book. Ensure you are using the Meal Plan handout for the answering process. 

James March (2005) suggests that “leadership is something of which one should be more ashamed than proud. Most disasters in organized life can be attributed to leaders, and being a leader has corrupted more people into leading unattractive lives and becoming unattractive selves than it has ennobled.” Using the required readings to date, support, or oppose March’s position. 

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The Influences on a New Born Baby’s Perception of Their World

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Write a 1800 word essay on the influences on a new born baby’s perception of their world.
Guidance: You will need to draw on all modules for this essay particularly when exploring social and environmental influences. 
Remember to define the context and terms of the question before discussion commences.

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Was the Treaty of Versailles a Fair & Just Settlement of the War?

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Do you think the Treaty of Versailles was a fair and just settlement of the war? Did all countries agree in what the post war world should look like?

How to Write a Definition Essay

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10-k Summary Report

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Choose a listed company from Stock Exchanges and download the recent 10-K of the company from IR of the company website or SEC filings. Summarize all the Item in 10-K (Item 1 ~ 16) and Analyze each item with your own words.

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Translation Theory

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1-demonstrate advance knowledge of relevant aspects of translation theory as well as techniques applicable to research and advanced scholarship in translation studies.

2-demonstrate a sophisticated grasp of linguistic, textual, literary, cultural, technical, socio-economic, and ethical issues related to translation studies and practice.

3-demonstrate expertise in highly specialized research skills (including in using the research and learning resources available at the university and elsewhere, as well as on the internet

4-demonstrate a high level of competence in conforming to the conventions governing the presentation of advanced academic writing in British Universities and international academic journals in the field of Translation Studies

5-Critically evaluate current research and advance scholarship related to the field of translation.

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TED Talk Analysis

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Develop an analysis of a debatable claim. You will select a TED Talk that presents a persuasive argument on a debatable issue. Be sure to record the title, speaker information, and URL for your selected TED Talk.
In a two- to three-page summary, address the following questions.

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Wrongfully Accused

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Write another editorial (250-300 words) , telling a story of a time when you were blamed for something that you did not feel responsible for. Explain with convincing evidence why you were not to blame

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