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Arabs Vs. Americans in Bilateral Negotiations

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In no less than 8 pages, you will write about Arabs and Americans as they are in bilateral negotiations involving a commercial agreement (you choose the area of commerce). In your paper, please address the following: 

• Provide a brief summary (background) of the two groups that are involved in the trade, e.g. United States and Saudi Arabia, etc. 
• Identify the area of commerce you selected Share if you would select state-state dispute settlement or international dispute resolution. 
• Identify and describe the rules associated with the international arbitration relevant to the international business disputes that may arise, e.g., ICSID rules, the ICC Arbitration rules, UNCITRAL, etc. 

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Quality Assurance in The Healthcare System

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Pick any healthcare organization that you wish to visit. Schedule an interview (in-person is preferable, but phone will suffice) with the Quality Assurance Coordinator and discuss the following questions:
• What are the top three issues that your organization is currently facing in Quality Assurance?
• Are there any tools or processes that your organization uses to aid in Quality Assurance? If so, please describe them in the context of one of the issues you are currently facing.
• What Quality Assurance measures do you track on an ongoing basis?
• Does your organization differentiate between quality assurance and risk management? If so, how?
• What advice would you give to help prepare someone new to the field of Quality Assurance?

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Factors That Contributed to The Decline of Lyndon Johnson’s Liberal Great Society agenda after 1968

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Using historian Dan Carter’s essay, “The Southern Strategy,” write about the factors that contributed to the decline of Lyndon Johnson’s liberal Great Society agenda after 1968. What was the “southern strategy”? And how did discussions of racial difference and other racial characterizations figure into Nixon’s southern strategy?

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Arthur Rimbaud & His Poems.

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Create an essay based on the following essay question: Is Arthur Rimbaud most appropriately described as “intoxicated” or a “critic of intoxication”? 

Argue in the essay that Rimbaud is a little bit of both, but ultimately show an answer to the question and a clear understanding of which of the two sides you are on and think that best represents Arthur Rimbaud based on the research you will do on him and this topic. 

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Employee Integrity Tests

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While investigating employee theft, deception, fraud, pilferage, or other illegal conduct, do you think that employee honesty tests are effective ? Describe all the types of honesty tests that can be conducted. Do these tests undermine the trust between employees and management and if they do, are they worth the effort?

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Research Proposal

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Write a brief topic proposal—the topic for your research paper. You should identify a topic, and a specific issue and research question within that topic, that stems from your specific academic interests in your major field of study. Make sure it is a topic you really want to learn more about because you will be working on it for the rest of the semester. Essentially, you are making the case that this is a good topic for you to write about, that your research question is important, that you are prepared to research this issue, and you will explain how you will go about doing so. In other words, convince me that this is a good idea and that you are the right person to do this research at this time.

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Comparing The Big Bang Theory With Other Legends

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Identify three of the essential core elements of the Big Bang story, then select any three cultural stories. Discuss and conclude whether the  Big Bang elements have similarities in any of the three cultural stories. 
The title is clear in its intent: to determine what is really unique to the Big Bang Model relative to the three myths that you selected. Make sure to compare all the core elements of the Big Bang Model to elements of each legend in order to determine which elements of the BB model have no counterparts in each legend.

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Writing a Script

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Select a client system, (an individual (micro), family, group, (mezzo) or representatives from an organization or community (macro). You will then identify a presenting concern brought by the client system in a summary paragraph and then provide the dialogue between you and the client(s). This interaction should be a demonstration of an initial meeting with a client during which you are engaging them in the helping process and beginning the assessment phase.

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Analyzing Nican Mopohua

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Read the Nican Mopohua, the story of the appearance of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, to a Native American, Juan Diego, north of Mexico City in 1531. Respond to the In Depth Question #1 in Feduccia, page 187. After you have read and responded to the reading, read the theological interpretation of this appearance story for contemporary Christians. Our Lady of Guadalupe, as this appearance is called, is seminal for Latin American (and especially Mexican) Catholicism.

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Causes of 16th Century Religious Reformations

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The economic and social changes that occurred during the fifteenth and early sixteenth century inevitably led to the Protestant Reformation.” Using specific examples, discuss the impact of political, economic, and other non-religious factors as causes of the sixteenth century religious reformations.

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