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Decision Modelling

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Find a YouTube video on Decision Modeling, summarize what you learned from the video and provide a hyperlink that allows your fellow students to access it directly from your Posting Find a case study where the Monte Carlo method was applied.  How was it applied, what were the goals for implementing the simulation, and what success was found Find additional “simulation” models that are used to evaluate risk, decision modeling, and future path selection.

Opioid Overdose

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How is the opioid overdose crisis viewed/framed in society? How do societies respond to the crisis reflect in this framing? What specific illegal and legal drugs are related to opioid overdoses? How many people are being impacted by overdoses? What are the social factors influencing overdoes?

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The 2 Frida’s

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Read about the Two Frida’s and use them as an idea to support your answers in the following question:

        i.            Think about how you would portray two different sides of ‘you’ in a painting.

      ii.            Post a description in English of what an image of the two YOUs would look like. What do you think your two sides reveal about you?

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How will a Doctorate in Social Work Help You to Achieve Your Professional Goals?

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Describe your professional goals and explain how earning your Doctorate of Social Work will help you achieve them. Your thoughtfully crafted responses should demonstrate how you will thrive in our program — and throughout your social work career. Discuss how your past academic and professional experiences have shaped your ability to demonstrate creativity and innovation, be an effective leader, and collaborate with stakeholders

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