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Controversial Political Believes

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What political beliefs make you angry? How are they at odds with your own values and point of view? What is your impression of people who hold these beliefs? Where do you think these ideas come from? Who are the leading figures on the other side? What leaders on the other side seem most thoughtful and trustworthy? What do they have to say? What is the history of this idea?

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United States Foreign Policy Towards Africa

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Critically discuss the United States Foreign policy towards Africa since the end of the Cold War, including assessment of the Trump administrations retreat from Africa.

The Europeans’ Assumptions of The 1914 War


What were the Europeans’ expectations as they headed to war in 1914? How did they think the war would play out? How accurate were they in their assumptions?

Moral Distress in Nursing

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Consider various readings as they relate to moral distress. Describe your experience with moral distress within your current practice environment (hospital, med/surg floor) and what factors contributed to this distress. Formulate strategies that you can use to promote your own moral distress resilience

Your references should be at least 5. Remember to provide links to each one of them

Water Resource Management


Create a conceptual model showing a diagram of the geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, geomorphology, agroecology, hydrology and irrigation, climate, evaporation in relation to water resource management. A series of more detailed conceptual models can then be created to show the mechanisms of each aspect, e.g., the hydrogeology.

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Steps of Designing a School Instructional Program

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Develop a process for designing a new instructional program in one content area that aligns curriculum, instruction, and assessment in your school and a rationale for your design. Include in the rationale evidence that addresses student needs and references learning, curriculum,

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How the worlds of The 1500s were interconnected

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To what extent were the worlds of the 1500s interconnected? In your opinion, was the world on a path to globalization with or without the major European discoveries of the late 1400s? 

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Learning Outcomes of Your Degree Program

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Research the stated Learning Outcomes of your particular degree program. Briefly outline them in your discussion response. In the subject line of your initial post, state your degree.
ORGL major Educational Outcomes are included in this learning module. For outcomes of other majors, please consult the undergraduate catalog for your college.
Answer the following question.

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How Routine Financial Transactions Shape an Organization’s Financial Statements

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Explain how routine financial transactions shape an organization’s basic financial statements. Ensure to include an explanation of keywords in your response: assets, liability, revenue, expenses, cash accounting, and fund accounting.

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Interpreting the Past: Reconstruction

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One of the main jobs of historians is to interpret the past by reviewing primary documents, scholarly secondary sources, and then creating an analysis of this research. After reading your text and reviewing the assigned materials, submit an analysis of Reconstruction addressing the following questions…What were the differences between Lincoln’s and the Radical Republican’s plans for Reconstruction? What impact do you think Lincoln’s death had on Reconstruction? In what ways would Lincoln’s plans have changed the results in the South?

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