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Interpreting the Past: Reconstruction

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One of the main jobs of historians is to interpret the past by reviewing primary documents, scholarly secondary sources, and then creating an analysis of this research. After reading your text and reviewing the assigned materials, submit an analysis of Reconstruction addressing the following questions…What were the differences between Lincoln’s and the Radical Republican’s plans for Reconstruction? What impact do you think Lincoln’s death had on Reconstruction? In what ways would Lincoln’s plans have changed the results in the South?

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The Global Automobile Industry

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By using Porter’s Five Forces Model analyze the automobile industry in 2009 and then based on your research, analyze the automobile industry as it is today in 2019

Based on facts and research, state your opinion about the future of the automobile industry. What strategies do you think the automakers should adopt in order to sustain their existence? 

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Achaemenid Persia Sources

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All historians must be careful about sources, but Achaemenid Persia arguably presents some of the greatest source challenges any historian will encounter. Reflect on how our sources for Achaemenid history shape the way we interpret the empire. Begin your essay by assessing the overall nature of the evidence for Achaemenid history—including textual, archaeological, numismatic, and other sources. Why do the sources for Achaemenid Persia present us with such challenges? What is at stake for our broader historical understanding of the empire?

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Causes of World War 1

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World War I was a very complicated event in European history. Scholars till this day debate over the causes of the war. Write a formal academic paper presenting your reasons and thoughts on the question: 
What were the causes of World War I and how was this war different than previous ones?

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Neurology Case Study: Chief Complaint: “My head is pounding & throbbing & I feel like I’m going to puke.”

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You are the RN at the local clinic; NR is a 41 year-old Caucasian female and single mother of 3 who presents with a “pounding and throbbing” headache, the third of its kind within the past month. She works part-time at Walmart and is taking nursing courses in the evening. She denies alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs. She sleeps about 5 hours each night, admits to poor eating habits-drinking 3-4 cups caffeine, and eating candy “more than she should”. NR describes her pain as being localized to the right temple, increasing in intensity over the past hour rating her pain as a 9 out of 10. She also complains of non-radiating neck pain and states the bright lights in the clinic make her feel worse as she now feels nauseous and dizzy though she has not vomited. Lying in a dark quiet room makes her feel better. Sometimes taking ibuprofen 600mg also helps though her last dose was yesterday. She denies any previous medical history, has never been hospitalized except for childbirth (uncomplicated vaginal deliveries x3), no surgical history, no significant family history.

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Descartes’ Opinion on God’s Existence

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1.In the second Meditation, (Kleiman and Lewis, p. 33) Descartes responded to the doubts raised previously — his famous remark that “I think, therefore I am.” Of course, we might say. Isn’t that obvious? So why is Descartes’ remark so profound? (Or is it?)

2.In the third Meditation, Descartes developed the first of two arguments for God’s existence, this one called the Cosmological Proof, claiming there is no other way to explain his having the idea of God than that God Himself gave it to him. (See page 42, in Kleiman and Lewis.) Could we human beings have invented the idea of God? Why did Descartes think otherwise?

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Building Community Involvement in Diversity

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The purpose of this assignment is to deepen our understanding of the diverse ELLs we serve by getting to know their local communities and to find ways to build community involvement.
Identify a local immigrant community. Chose a culture or community relevant to the needs of your current school/classroom, future teaching plans, or interests. You CANNOT be a member of the culture/community you visit.
Research the community before you visit.

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Browsing Vs. Reading Pros & Cons

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Americans prefer browsing the internet as a pastime instead of reading books. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of browsing vs. reading. Your paper should be eight pages long. Be sure to include transitions at the beginning of each paragraph and within the paragraphs, ensure sentences are complex and written correctly, and use high-level vocabulary appropriately

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Making a Good First Impression

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In less than 30 seconds, you have made an impression on others. Present a scenario where your first impression of someone was not the lasting impression. Explain what occurred to change your first impression. Reflect how first impressions affect your patient interaction?

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Social Researcher Skills

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This assignment aims at helping you develop your skills as a social researcher based on the knowledge you acquired in this subject. It requires that you identify a social problem of interest to you, conduct a brief literature on the issue and justify the need for research on the issue. You are then to propose how you would go about conducting that research, paying attention to ethical, theoretical and methodological considerations, including levels of measurements, sampling and relevant hypotheses. You must justify your methodological selection, which will demonstrate your understanding of strengths and limitations of each.

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