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Bad Professional Communication

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Identify and analyze a sample of one good and one bad professional communication, in your opinion. Write a 2-page paper analyzing both samples using the six SUCCESs principles. Your paper will have one good example with six-principle analysis and one bad example with a six-principle analysis.

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Overview of the Kellogg Company

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1. Provide an overview of the Kellogg company talking about what the company does well and what they can approve upon. focus on porters 5 competitive forces that shape strategy.
2. Specify the objective of the firm or unit of analysis
3. Evaluate the Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy 
3.1. Threat of Entry
3.1.1.Develop hypotheses and/or alternative solutions
3.1.2.Specify research/evaluation procedures
3.1.3.Obtain appropriate information and conduct evaluation
3.2. Threat of Substitutes
3.2.1.Develop hypotheses and/or alternative solutions
3.2.2.Specify research/evaluation procedures
3.2.3.Obtain appropriate information and conduct evaluation
3.3. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
3.3.1.Develop hypotheses and/or alternative solutions
3.3.2.Specify research/evaluation procedures
3.3.3.Obtain appropriate information and conduct evaluation
3.4. Bargaining Power of Buyers

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Similarities & Differences Between Kafka’s & Ovid Metamorphoses

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Kafka most certainly knew of Ovid’s work, and it is likely that he named his story in the singular as a definite reference to the older text. While Kafka’s title is singular–referring to only one “change”–and Ovid’s title is plural–he writes about many people changing forms–there are other more subtle points of convergence and divergence. Please write a page describing your observations. How does Kafka’s text show similarities to Ovid’s text? How do the texts differ?

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There Affordable Care Act

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Each of these materials below addresses the financial aspect of the Affordable Care Act. Review them and write a brief description of your initial, emotional reaction to the cartoon. Think critically about the message that the cartoon attempts to communicate. Describe your personal position regarding this message. Continue reading

Understanding the Lack of Democratic Governance in the Middle East

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Democracy is predominantly practiced by the western world. The disdain Arab nations have towards colonial powers has given democracy a negative connotation. Discuss the causes and effects of the lack of democratic governance in the Middle East. The populations of oil-producing states in the Middle East benefit from the distributive nature of the state, and thus have no reason to pursue greater political freedoms. Non-oil producing states on the other hand have an authoritative one-party system where the regimes promise economic well-being and security/stability in their region in exchange for the population’s political freedoms. Continue reading

Sign Language Aphasia

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Give a critical evaluation of the social, medical and psychological issues surrounding sign language aphasia. Evaluate which treatment options are the best in terms of the psychological well-being and social functioning of the patient. Are there any recent debates, issues and research about this pathology. Continue reading

Trump’s Immigration Policies

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Write a 5-page essay with footnotes and Work Cited about one of Trump’s proposed policies on immigration or refugee admission to the US. What has he proposed?how might this impact those wishing to enter the US? How about asylum seeker? What conditions must be met for someone to attain refugee status? Which immigrants is this administration eager to welcome? Who are the people being turned away? Continue reading

Analyzing 3 Crime Fiction Novels

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Analyze  three crime fiction novels you’ve read  and attempt to compare and contrast them to put them in conversation with each other. Please make sure to cite sources and give other people credit for their ideas. Review the instructions below for more details about the assignment and how your work will be assessed. You must explore cultural differences between these two works and while analyzing systems of power among individuals, communities, and/or institutions in these cultures. You must organize your paper around a central claim about the similarities and/or differences between the novels. You must argue in favor of your thesis through sound reasoning and providing evidence from the text. You must also aim to engage with perspectives that might be different from your own, whether you have encountered these views through research or have simply attempted to imagine how others might think about the issue, showing that you have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of these perspectives. Continue reading

The Decade of Crisis: The Lincoln-Douglas Debates 1858.

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In 1858, during a US Senate race in the state of Illinois Stephen Douglas was continuing his path to the presidency by defending his seat against Abraham Lincoln. Douglas was a member of the Democratic Party and Lincoln, a Republican. Ironically, the main issues were slavery and race including the legitimacy of the Dred Scott decision and the spread of slavery into the newly acquired territories in the southwest. There were a series of seven debates that took place in the following cities: Ottawa, Freeport, Jonesboro, Charleston, Galesburg, Quincy, Alton; all between August and October of 1858. Continue reading

What Causes Rowlandson’s Insomnia?

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Rowlandson: at the end of her narrative in Journey in New Worlds by William L. Andress she reflects: “…I can remember the time when I used to sleep quietly without workings in my thoughts, whole nights together, but now it is other ways with me. When all are fast about me, and no eye open, but His whoever waketh, my thoughts are ….” What causes her insomnia?
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