Analyze  three crime fiction novels you’ve read  and attempt to compare and contrast them to put them in conversation with each other. Please make sure to cite sources and give other people credit for their ideas. Review the instructions below for more details about the assignment and how your work will be assessed. You must explore cultural differences between these two works and while analyzing systems of power among individuals, communities, and/or institutions in these cultures. You must organize your paper around a central claim about the similarities and/or differences between the novels. You must argue in favor of your thesis through sound reasoning and providing evidence from the text. You must also aim to engage with perspectives that might be different from your own, whether you have encountered these views through research or have simply attempted to imagine how others might think about the issue, showing that you have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of these perspectives. This assignment does not require that you do research. Students often do quite well without conducting research. However, you are welcome to do some research. Don’t rely on generic sources you find online. If you find material that helps illuminate the work and helps you refine your ideas, that’s great! Make sure to give these authors the credit they deserve by making it clear when you are using their ideas and words and by including a Works Cited page. Include page numbers in the header or footer; include a works cited page.