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The Paleoindian People

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Where do you think that Paleoindian people in the early Paleoindian period fall within Binford’s Forager-Collector Spectrum? Why? Find information from a Paleoindian site in North American that supports your conclusion. Be sure to include the name of the site, it’s location, the dates of the Paleoindian occupation(s) and what was found there that helps you know how those Paleoindian people were living

Theories of Moral Development

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Which of the two theories is in your opinion is a better motivator of human behavior and why: the divine command theory or the natural law theory?
Compare and contrast hedonism with ethical subjectivism.
Which of the two theories is less convincing and why: psychological egoism or ethical egoism?

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The Global Sexual & Reproductive Health

Credit: mfhs.org

In the documentary Sick Around the World, we see how five other capitalist democracies — the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Taiwan and Switzerland — deliver health care pausing to ask if we in the United States have anything to learn from their successes and their failures. While advanced capitalist countries are formulating their health care policies, many countries in the global south has been reeling under the impact of SAPs, which have serious health implications (Arne Ruckert et al, 2015) and as a result of the US policies there are rising concerns about the global sexual and reproductive health (Boyer, 2019).

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