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The Jewish War by Josephus

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After reading the Jewish War by Josephus What does Josephus points to as the causes of the Jewish War?what were the Jews unhappy about according to him?

Strong Writing & Writers Don’t Need Revision

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Read the article “Strong Writing and Writers Don’t Need Revision” by Laura Giovanelli (pp. 104-108) and describe the contents of the article. Who do you think the article is speaking to? How is the author’s message being made? Why does that message matter?

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Areas of Excellence Scholarship

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1) How do your interests align with community and primary care nursing?
2) How will these interests be enhanced through the doctoral nurse practitioner program?

The Fall of The House of FIFA

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Read ‘The Fall of The House of FIFA’ and write an essay debating its strong points and weak points. Discuss this statement: “The selection process for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar was the greatest FIFA scandal of them all”

The Role of Power in the History of Art

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What role does power play in the history of art? Who decides what makes art great and who can be recognized as great artists? How have struggles for liberation and equality been reflected in the arts?

The Mexican Revolution

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What conditions existed in Mexico that led to the Revolution? Would you have joined in the Mexican Revolution? What would have made you rebel?. What do you think about people like Zapata? Villa? Soldaderas?

United States Foreign Policy Towards Africa

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Critically discuss the United States Foreign policy towards Africa since the end of the Cold War, including assessment of the Trump administrations retreat from Africa.

How a Manager Can Improve Collaboration in his/her Team

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What should be a manager’s goal in encouraging collaboration among those he or she manages? When is engaging in a collaborative discussion counterproductive to accomplishing organizational goals?

Marx, Weber, or Durkheim

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 Which classical (Marx, Weber, or Durkheim) is your favorite? Why? Share your three favorite quotes  from your favorite classical theorist, being sure to cite page numbers. Why do you like these quotes? What did you struggle with the most in completing their readings and assignments? Why?

Justice & Injustice in the Relationship Between the Characters of “A Doll’s House.”

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Read Act III (pages 790-805) of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. Apply as many of the literary terms such as point of view, characters, setting, onto the play to better comprehend and write about it, and then conduct further literary analysis by expressing your opinion regarding the justice and injustice in the relationship between the main characters of “A Doll’s House.”

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