In the documentary Sick Around the World, we see how five other capitalist democracies — the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Taiwan and Switzerland — deliver health care pausing to ask if we in the United States have anything to learn from their successes and their failures. While advanced capitalist countries are formulating their health care policies, many countries in the global south has been reeling under the impact of SAPs, which have serious health implications (Arne Ruckert et al, 2015) and as a result of the US policies there are rising concerns about the global sexual and reproductive health (Boyer, 2019).

1) What does universal coverage of healthcare mean in the countries profiled in the film sick around the world?

2) Are there lessons in these models for formulating a universal healthcare system in the US?

3) How have SAPs and its neoliberal macro-economic conditionalities influenced the global healthcare policy? give egs.

4) How does Boyer (2019) for a continued role of the USA in strengthening global sexual and reproductive health rights?