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How the ERP/ CRM Apps are Used in the Irish Dairy Industry

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 How are the ERP/ CRM apps available in the market used in the Irish Dairy industry (a) Farmers (b) Cooperatives c)  Processors? (350 words)

Some of the Apps that need to be covered are ( you need to be differentiated based on who uses these farmers or cooperatives/processors or both):

  1. InDex WMS
    1. Pasturebase
    1. Herdwatch
    1. Syco Software solutions/Microsoft Dynamics for the dairy industry
    1. Emydex food processing software for the dairy industry
    1. Agrinet.ie
    1. Glanbiaconnect
    1. DelPro Applications

Note: Add more if you can:

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The 3 Leadership Theories


Summarize what research says about these three leadership theories: Equity Theory, Goal-Setting Theory, and Expectancy Theory. Describe the similarities and differences among the three theories. The paper should be formatted into two sections –

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Female Strength & Patriarchal Control in Artemisia Gentileschi’s Work

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The work of Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi is a celebration of gender, with particular importance placed upon the depiction of female strength and patriarchal control.  Write an essay in third person supporting or opposing this statement. Do not include a cover/title page.

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Changing Behavior in Conflict Management

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As part of my Conflict Management Course, identify a behavior you have when in conflict that you need to change.

You have identified that behavior (Benchmark 1) and have also identified your behavior patterns (Benchmark 2) and done some research on why changing this behavior is important (Benchmark 3). You now need a reflective essay done bringing together all elements into a narrative essay that answers the following questions:

– Your chosen behavior to change
– Why you picked that behavior
– What your patterns are in relation to that behavior 
– What research did you find to help you understand how to change your behavior
– strategies to change 

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You work for a company called Drone Enhancers Inc. Drone enhancers make modifications to existing drones in terms of payload enhancement and imaging adaption. Your boss, Dr. Bennett (the owner) is an expert mechanical and electronics engineer. He has an FTP Server (Filezilla) that he uses to move his design work back and forth from his CAD systems at work and home. While he is a very bright drone engineer, he is not an expert in Information Technology. You have asked him to let you turn on the FTP over SSL functionality in Filezilla to protect these very confidential file transfers. He states he has a very strong password as doesn’t worry about getting hacked. The other three engineers also have their own FTP servers. It is your goal to get him to make it policy for all engineers to use FTP/SSL for their transfers. Continue reading

Effects of Technology on the Human Attention Span

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Did the advancement of technology help or worsen the human attention span? How has the human attention span been affected by technological advancements? Do you think that future generations will benefit from technology Why so, or not so? How did technology change our culture? Make sure to conduct further research to support your argument. Make it interesting and captivating to your readers. Continue reading

Analyzing the Movie ‘Koran by Heart’

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Watch the movie  Koran By Heart on Youtube and give a short summary of the film, clearly specifying its main themes and topics. Describe how the film’s subjects define, understand, and relate to the Qur’an: what is its meaning for them? Reflect on the ways in which culture, politics, and gender inform the lives of the film’s subjects and their understanding of Islam. Continue reading

A Music Album Analysis

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Find information about a music album– the title, artist, record label and album, and a listing of musicians performing including their instruments. Describe the artist/group and the project in the first paragraph, with any important information that is related to the whole project. You should include a description of the individual track and musical events that move the writer (solos, group interactions, etc)

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Wikipedia as a Source of Information

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Analyze Wikipedia as an information source, evaluating how it shapes the information we access and understand. Proceed to explain how we evaluate information, including how to use it and whether or not it is trustworthy. In order to do this, you should select a single Wikipedia page that you can analyze as a case study in information literacy. What information is included on the page you are analyzing? What information is not included? What does it address and what does it not address? Where and when do references appear? What types of sources are used as references? Which of the references would you trust most and which would you take “with a grain of salt”? Why? How is the information on the page organized and presented? Continue reading

Effects of CPOE on Communication

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How does the introduction of a computerized provider order entry (CPOE) system affect communication between healthcare professionals? ( For instance, between pharmacists and physicians or nurses, between nurses and physicians)? What modifications, if any, should be made in workflow to adjust for this change in communication patterns?. Continue reading

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