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Ending Corruption in San Francisco’s Queen of Vice

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Look at the struggle of the powerful men represented in  San Francisco’s Queen of Vice  (District Attorney Pat Brown, Tom Lynch, etc.) to end the corruption, which they see as initiated by Inez Burns. With Burns finished, do they go after the men involved in a vice? Why or why not? Continue reading

Inez Burns in San Francisco’s Queen of Vice

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San Francisco’s Queen of Vice details the life of abortionist Inez Burns from the turn of the century forward. Using what you have learned in this class of the expected roles for women, examine how Burns defies these expectations, compare and contrast her to the other female characters in the book, and finally, assess her successes and failures. Continue reading

Life Setbacks & Future Success

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The lessons we learn from experiencing setbacks can deeply affect our later success. How has a delay in your admission to XYZ affected you and what lesson(s) have you taken away that you believe will aid you in the future?”. Continue reading

Major Event During Civil War Period

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Write a  fictional historical narrative about a major event that occurred during the Civil War period. This is a story you create using historical facts. The work should be 550 words and use two sources to construct the factual framework. You do not need to cite them in the text though since it is like a historical novel. Instead, use that supporting information to build as factual of an environment as you can within the work. Continue reading

Worshiping with The Church Fathers by Christopher A. Hall Review

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Write a comprehensive book Review about  Worshiping with The Church Fathers by Christopher A. Hall. Give an in-depth discussion about  the writer and his style of writing as well as his other related books. The book should be your main source of reference. Continue reading

Implementing Organizational Strategies Successfully

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A firm’s strategy is only as good as its implementation. Describe the organizational requirements for a successful execution of the strategies you recommend, including organizational structure, management control systems, and compensation policies. And how to implement the recommended strategies. Continue reading

Sample Paper: Strategic Analysis Reporting

Strategic Analysis Reporting


Organizations are always looking to overcome the challenges of evolving, dynamic, and unpredictable markets if they are to maintain a competitive advantage over other companies in the same industry. One of the ways they do this is by incorporating insights from strategic analysis models. According to Papulova & Gazova (2016, p.572), a strategic analysis tool consolidates company information about how to evaluate and develop their current environment. It also identifies threats and opportunities to businesses that managers should consider during decision making (Papulova & Gazova, 2016). With that said, the following article will be a review of Flight Centre Limited (FLT), which is one of the companies in the travel industry. FLT’s growth has been attributed to a strong reliance on its entrepreneurial culture and outstanding business model (Johnson et al., 2017). The research has three parts: the identification of the strategic issues facing the organization, its unique resources and capabilities, and an analysis of whether the competitive strategy addresses critical issues. Any justifiable improvements to the strategy will also be included in the analysis. Continue reading

Semiauxiliaries & (Semi)Auxiliary Periphrases

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There are some verbs or verbal periphrases which, even though they may not display the typical properties of ‘normal,’ mainstream auxiliaries (the NICE properties), nonetheless share at least some of them. In particular, some verbal expressions which combine with contentful verbs can be shown to allow passivization in the same way as auxiliaries. Continue reading

Types of Power

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Review the seven types of power and then explain a supporting concept to the developmental cycle is behavior modification. What are some of the pros and cons of behavioral modification? Is engaging in behavioral modification an ethical managerial behavior? Why or why not? Continue reading

Colorado Parks and Wildlife PR campaign Plan

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Design a traditional PR campaign plan for a Colorado Parks and wildlife that wants to promote a cause. This campaign can be targeted at the city, state, or national level. Your plan should start with an executive summary and then outline the steps it will take to execute the program: Continue reading

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