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Semiauxiliaries & (Semi)Auxiliary Periphrases

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There are some verbs or verbal periphrases which, even though they may not display the typical properties of ‘normal,’ mainstream auxiliaries (the NICE properties), nonetheless share at least some of them. In particular, some verbal expressions which combine with contentful verbs can be shown to allow passivization in the same way as auxiliaries. Continue reading

Types of Power

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Review the seven types of power and then explain a supporting concept to the developmental cycle is behavior modification. What are some of the pros and cons of behavioral modification? Is engaging in behavioral modification an ethical managerial behavior? Why or why not? Continue reading

Colorado Parks and Wildlife PR campaign Plan

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Design a traditional PR campaign plan for a Colorado Parks and wildlife that wants to promote a cause. This campaign can be targeted at the city, state, or national level. Your plan should start with an executive summary and then outline the steps it will take to execute the program: Continue reading

Alexander the Great’s Conquests

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Discuss the conquests of Alexander the Great. Why is Alexander often lauded as being a great military commander? Do you believe he was more lucky than skilled in his victories against the Persians? Continue reading

Childhood Developmental Theories

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This assignment will focus on the application and analysis of developmental theories of childhood.  For this paper you will choose an issue with which a client might present. Some examples are: adolescent skipping school and experimenting with alcohol, a toddler refusing to potty train, a boy with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, A child adopted from an international orphanage at 9 years old, a physical or learning disability, a pre-teen girl with behavioral issues and fighting at school, etc. Continue reading

Caring by Nel

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Write a book review of the book Caring by Nel. You should discuss the main ideas of the book, the importance of those ideas, comparison with other ideas, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s argument and evidence,
Continue reading

Income Tax

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All scenarios are hypothetical and are set for the purpose of this assignment. All taxpayers have a standard balance date of 31 March. All currency is expressed in New Zealand dollars. Questions relate to the provisions of the Income Tax Act 2007.
– Dee Loit is a tax consultant for three different clients, A, B, and C, all of whom are NZ residents. He asks you to look into the income tax implications for each of these three clients.  Continue reading

The Law & Public Policy

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At every level of government, laws are passed in order to implement a public policy. In fact, almost every law in the country enforces some public policy or provides for some kind of public service. From requiring immunizations and setting speed limits to limiting sales of firearms and restricting the sale of drugs and alcohol, laws are intended to serve the greater good by promulgating and/or implementing public policies. In this Assignment, you analyze specific implications of public policy on laws/regulations. Continue reading

Hijab Online: The Fashioning of Cyber Islamic Commerce

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In an essay of no more than 1500 words, identify the key claims of this text, “Hijab Online: The Fashioning of Cyber Islamic Commerce” and discuss the extent to which these claims are supported by evidence. Relate your discussion to what you have learned in A332 Book 2, Controversial Practices (Beattie (ed.), 2013). Continue reading

Ethical Dilemma

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In the written assessment students should describe the case-study containing an ethical dilemma. This should be no more than 200 words.  Make sure your dilemma is realistic.  Identify the ethical issues the dilemma raises – there will be more than one. Identify the different people involved, describe how each one might view the dilemma, and explain why they take this position. Different people might include patients, users, carers, family members, the general public, pressure groups, front-line professional workers, health and social care assistants, youth workers, service managers; Continue reading

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