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Areas of Excellence Scholarship

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1) How do your interests align with community and primary care nursing?
2) How will these interests be enhanced through the doctoral nurse practitioner program?

Does Critical Thinking Enhance a Project Manager’s Skills?

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Drawing on theory and evidence, critically analyze the claim that the ability to apply critical thinking significantly enhances a project manager’s skills to successfully lead a project from beginning to end. Agree or disagree?
You should present the essay with an introduction, a carefully considered logical argument, a clear critical position and an appropriate conclusion.

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Is Nursing Perceived as a Professional Partner with Other Disciplines?

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Share your perceptions based on your current work environment: Is nursing perceived as a professional partner with other discipline.
It should be at least 500, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources.

Case Study: Health Care Training


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Mary had a difficult time in her health care training and barely managed to graduate. She decided to try goal setting when she got hired in her first new job. She made only one goal, and it was as follows: “I want to be the department director within a year.” After her first year, Mary was not the department director and was very frustrated with her position and felt that goal setting was a bunch of “hogwash” and really doesn’t work.

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Designing an Organizational Structure

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As the chief executive of a newly established low-cost carrier in Hong Kong that plans to recruit around 500 employees, you have to design the organizational structure of the airline. What organizational structure would you recommend to the Board and why? Apart from strengths, what weaknesses do you foresee in this structure and what measures would you take to avoid the problems anticipated?

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Working in the International Business Arena

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What is it like to be a business professional working in the international business arena? Your assignment is to interview an individual whose occupation involves significant exposure to international business dealings (sales, purchasing, legal contracts, logistics, marketing, etc.). Get to know what their reality is in adjusting to the challenges created by international implications.

The interview with your subject should last at least 20minutes in length with the preferred format being in-person, via telephone is acceptable, and electronic interviews are the last resort. Review the following questions: Continue reading

The Best Companies to Work for in America

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Using materials from magazines such as Forbes, Fortune, Working Women, and BusinessWeek, research the best companies to work for in America and the cultures of those organizations. Out of all the companies identified in Step 1, choose two companies where you would most like to work. Write a report on the two companies you have selected. Include what you discovered about the cultures of these two organizations and why you would like to work there. Examine the impact that you think the management has on the organization’s culture. Continue reading

Should Corporal Punishment be Permissible in Schools

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Do you agree with the Supreme Court’s position that corporal punishment is permissible as a school discipline technique? If you became a teacher or principle, would you use corporal punishment? If so, when and under what circumstances? If you had children, how would you feel about your children being subjected to corporal punishment? Continue reading

There Affordable Care Act

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Each of these materials below addresses the financial aspect of the Affordable Care Act. Review them and write a brief description of your initial, emotional reaction to the cartoon. Think critically about the message that the cartoon attempts to communicate. Describe your personal position regarding this message. Continue reading

Analyzing ‘A Celebration of Emancipation’

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Lorna Goodison’s poem, “A Celebration of Emancipation,” deals with the Emancipation Act of 1834 which abolished slavery in the English colonies of the Caribbean, but did not grant full freedom to the slaves until they had completed what was termed “Apprenticeship,” an additional four years of mandatory labor on the sugar estates. The poem depicts the attitudes of those who were made free earlier to those who were still tied by Apprenticeship to the estates. Continue reading

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