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Estate, Caste & Class Systems


How are estate, caste and class systems different? How are they similar? Define each system  and explain each of their functions in detail

Why General Sherman Resorted to Total Warfare

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Why did General Sherman resort to “total warfare” when “Marching through Georgia”? What did he hope to accomplish? Why is the city of Milledgeville significant? What IS total warfare?

Health Organization Evaluation

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Research a health care organization or network that spans several states with in the United States (United Healthcare, Vanguard, Banner Health, etc.). Assess the readiness of the health care organization or network you chose in regard to meeting the health care needs of citizens in the next decade. Prepare a paper that presents your assessment and proposes a strategic plan to ensure readiness. Include the following:

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Sociology of Medicine and Health

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In what ways do you think sociology can enhance the study of the social aspects of health, illness, and healthcare?

How Administrative Agencies Protect The Common Good?

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Answer this question: How do administrative agencies protect and promote the common good?

Rules Currently in Effect for English learners in the state of Illinois

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Explore the Rules that are currently in Effect for English learners in the state of Illinois. Write a few lines about something new you learned from or something you already knew about this topic.

ACME Inc. Case Study: Discrimination on the Basis of Age

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ACME Inc. gave generous vacation benefits to its employees.  New employees received three weeks of paid leave, and employees with over 25 years seniority received six weeks of paid leave.  With the economic downturn, ACME decided to give all employees only three weeks paid leave a year, to boost worker productivity.  The employees with over 25 years seniority (all over 40 years old) sued ACME under a disparate impact claim, claiming that the policy deprived them of a benefit, while it did not deprive younger workers of that same benefit.

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Life Plan


How did you get to class this week?
In your response, consider the following:
How did you physically get to class (mode of transportation)?
What factors needed to be in place in order for you to get to class? (examples of things to consider include: child care, your personal health and hygiene, desire to attend class, financial aspects related to tuition, transportation, clothing, etc., getting your work schedule approved – anything you can think of that needed to in place for you to get to class)

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Issues to Consider While Contracting Foreign Suppliers

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Assume you are presenting an informative lecture to your internal business colleagues addressing the issues needed to be considered when including foreign suppliers from that country in your firms supply chain.

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Annotated Bibliography

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An annotated bibliography is a genre of research writing that is used to conduct preliminary research on an issue. Your annotated bibliography will identify, summarize, evaluate, and assess the relevancy of sources to your research topic and inform your awareness of your community of study. Select 5 distinct scholarly sources that, collectively, provide various perspectives on a single issue/question/debate. 

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