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How the ERP/ CRM Apps are Used in the Irish Dairy Industry

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 How are the ERP/ CRM apps available in the market used in the Irish Dairy industry (a) Farmers (b) Cooperatives c)  Processors? (350 words)

Some of the Apps that need to be covered are ( you need to be differentiated based on who uses these farmers or cooperatives/processors or both):

  1. InDex WMS
    1. Pasturebase
    1. Herdwatch
    1. Syco Software solutions/Microsoft Dynamics for the dairy industry
    1. Emydex food processing software for the dairy industry
    1. Agrinet.ie
    1. Glanbiaconnect
    1. DelPro Applications

Note: Add more if you can:

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The Europeans’ Assumptions of The 1914 War


What were the Europeans’ expectations as they headed to war in 1914? How did they think the war would play out? How accurate were they in their assumptions?

Addressing an Ethical Concern

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Write a 1–2 page letter that identifies and addresses your concern. This letter can be written to the editor of your local newspaper, your local legislative body, or agencies that create policy and advocacy for this population.

This letter should be an example of critical thinking and should include, at a minimum:

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Female Strength & Patriarchal Control in Artemisia Gentileschi’s Work

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The work of Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi is a celebration of gender, with particular importance placed upon the depiction of female strength and patriarchal control.  Write an essay in third person supporting or opposing this statement. Do not include a cover/title page.

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TED Talk Analysis

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Develop an analysis of a debatable claim. You will select a TED Talk that presents a persuasive argument on a debatable issue. Be sure to record the title, speaker information, and URL for your selected TED Talk.
In a two- to three-page summary, address the following questions.

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Caring & Healing Environment


Consider the elements within the relationship-based care model, the article on clinical leadership and your self-assessments: 1) compare and contrast elements of the model to your current practice environment 2) Describe your assessment of clinical leadership, how you expect your baccalaureate program to influence your current, and future nursing practice.

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Creating a Power Pest With Statistical Data

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The sampling method will target those teachers who are new to the profession or are currently teaching in the profession and have worked with students who have disabilities. To find the sample size a power test will need to be conducted .

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Issues Associated with Social Media Use According to Karl Max’s Theory

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Using Karl Marx’s theory of Alienation to explain the problems that are associated with using the internet and social media. One of these problems is that people‘s privacy has been violated and private information been used by the big corporations for profit which means people are alienated from their own info.
(a) Explain the roots of the problem and how the theory supports your argument: (b) Describe a way to test this explanation; (c) Suggest a possible solution, .

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Changing Behavior in Conflict Management

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As part of my Conflict Management Course, identify a behavior you have when in conflict that you need to change.

You have identified that behavior (Benchmark 1) and have also identified your behavior patterns (Benchmark 2) and done some research on why changing this behavior is important (Benchmark 3). You now need a reflective essay done bringing together all elements into a narrative essay that answers the following questions:

– Your chosen behavior to change
– Why you picked that behavior
– What your patterns are in relation to that behavior 
– What research did you find to help you understand how to change your behavior
– strategies to change 

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Martha Biondi’s ‘The Unnatural Division of People’

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Using the essay by historian Martha Biondi, “The Unnatural Division of People,” consider the issue of housing segregation that she tackles in this chapter. Describe at least two ways in which Biondi demonstrates that housing discrimination against African.

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