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Rules Currently in Effect for English learners in the state of Illinois

Credit: edweek.org

Explore the Rules that are currently in Effect for English learners in the state of Illinois. Write a few lines about something new you learned from or something you already knew about this topic.

ACME Inc. Case Study: Discrimination on the Basis of Age

Credit: acmeinc.me

ACME Inc. gave generous vacation benefits to its employees.  New employees received three weeks of paid leave, and employees with over 25 years seniority received six weeks of paid leave.  With the economic downturn, ACME decided to give all employees only three weeks paid leave a year, to boost worker productivity.  The employees with over 25 years seniority (all over 40 years old) sued ACME under a disparate impact claim, claiming that the policy deprived them of a benefit, while it did not deprive younger workers of that same benefit.

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Life Plan


How did you get to class this week?
In your response, consider the following:
How did you physically get to class (mode of transportation)?
What factors needed to be in place in order for you to get to class? (examples of things to consider include: child care, your personal health and hygiene, desire to attend class, financial aspects related to tuition, transportation, clothing, etc., getting your work schedule approved – anything you can think of that needed to in place for you to get to class)

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Issues to Consider While Contracting Foreign Suppliers

Credit: bizjournals.com

Assume you are presenting an informative lecture to your internal business colleagues addressing the issues needed to be considered when including foreign suppliers from that country in your firms supply chain.

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Annotated Bibliography

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An annotated bibliography is a genre of research writing that is used to conduct preliminary research on an issue. Your annotated bibliography will identify, summarize, evaluate, and assess the relevancy of sources to your research topic and inform your awareness of your community of study. Select 5 distinct scholarly sources that, collectively, provide various perspectives on a single issue/question/debate. 

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Does Critical Thinking Enhance a Project Manager’s Skills?

Credit: chronicles.com

Drawing on theory and evidence, critically analyze the claim that the ability to apply critical thinking significantly enhances a project manager’s skills to successfully lead a project from beginning to end. Agree or disagree?
You should present the essay with an introduction, a carefully considered logical argument, a clear critical position and an appropriate conclusion.

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Creating a Company IMC plan

Credit: meirc.com

Watch the video on omni channel integration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44rQux8Jfps and answer the following questions.

Question one

Develop a digital (online and mobile) plan to add to your IMC plan for the company or product you are working on in your hypothetical business.

Question two

Develop a direct communications plan to add to your IMC plan for the company or product you are working on in your hypothetical business.

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Analyzing a Ted Video

Credit: forbes.com

Watch one of the following TED videos and write a three to five-paragraph essay expressing your opinion on the topic. Be sure to include the name of the video that you watched.

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The Influences on a New Born Baby’s Perception of Their World

Credit: parents.com

Write a 1800 word essay on the influences on a new born baby’s perception of their world.
Guidance: You will need to draw on all modules for this essay particularly when exploring social and environmental influences. 
Remember to define the context and terms of the question before discussion commences.

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Critiquing a Newspaper Editorial

credit: tnp.sg

Provide a two to three page summary of the claims and warrants presented in a newspaper editorial of their choosing, coupled with a critical assessment of the strengths and weaknesses evident in the columnist’s argument and supporting material.

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