Write down the names of the 3 sets of metabolic reactions leaving lots of space in
between them and then draw an appropriate geometric shape around each to represent that metabolic pathway. Add in the intermediate step between the first two pathways. Follow the carbons. Start with 6C-glucose and indicate the initial reactant and the products for each metabolic pathway. Where do all the 6 carbons of glucose go?

Follow the energy.  Consider the energy in the original carbon molecule, where is that energy at the end of each of the metabolic pathways. Follow the electrons. As glucose is oxidized, other molecules must be reduced. This is a transfer of electrons in the form of a bond and in that bond, energy. So, textbooks refer to this as a transfer of high-energy electrons. Follow the redox reactions that happen
throughout cellular respiration. Who is the final electron acceptor? Take a photo of your drawing and upload it to the assignment “cellular respiration drawing.