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The Battle of Gallipoli

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Read about the Battle of Gallipoli and write an essay detailing the background of the war. What were the causes of your war? Where did it occur. What is the historical importance of the war?

Women’s Perception in Medieval & Renaissance Times

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Choose one ancient and one medieval or Renaissance source to analyze.
• What views on women, or biographical details about particular women, do the sources hold in common? What is the evidence that the later source is drawing
directly from the ancient one?

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Is the Glass Menagerie a Tragedy or Comedy?

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Explore the characteristics of tragedy and comedy. Based on your research, how would you categorize The Glass Menagerie: a tragedy or a tragi-comedy? In your paper, provide both research and analysis and ultimately prove your point as to which type you would categorize the play .

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Government & The Media

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Explain the relationship between the government and the media, and in particular the Internet. The paper must be 5 pages, not including the cover page or citation page, APA format required.

Schaie’s Stages of Cognitive Development

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Discuss Schaie’s stages of cognitive development in young adulthood– is this a good model to utilize?

How are The Higher Education Demographics Changing?

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The Demographics of higher education are changing. Cite some research that would support this contention.

Why We Don’t Forget How to Ride Bicycles

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It is true that you never forget how to ride a bicycle. Why might this be? In what type of memory is information about bicycle riding stored?

Microsoft Live Meeting Vs. IBM FileNet

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Write 1-page paper that compares and contrasts Microsoft Live Meeting and IBM FileNet as two leading e-collaboration software applications. Which one would you recommend to a company with over 200 employees scattered through four offices in California? What are the bases of your recommendation?

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How the Chinese in California & the Working Class in New York influenced History


To paraphrase Karl Marx: Men and women make history, but they do not make it as they please. Hernandez and Beckert both write about the way that the Chinese in California and the working class in New York influenced the history of these regions. Even though the Chinese and the workers were not the victors in their respective conflicts, they did shape and influence identity, law and politics in various ways.

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Sources & Types of Land and Water Pollution

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What are the main sources and types of land and water pollution? What dangers do these types of pollution represent?

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