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Mid Summers Night Dream

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Read the Mid Summers Night Dream and write as essay of approximately 5 pages answering the following questions.

1. What determines whether A Midsummer Night’s Dream seems comic or tragic? Some scenes could be read as simultaneously serious or funny. Pyramus and Thisby is a tragedy that becomes comedic
when performed by the bumbling craftsmen. It could be said that the comedy in the rest of A Midsummer Night’s Dream has tragic underpinnings as well, since the “happy” elements of the
play—marriage, love, passion, youth, celebration—are underpinned with dark images. Analyze this intermixing of comedy and tragedy in the play. Which characters experience the play as tragedy, and which as comedy, and why?

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Effective Communication

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As a professional, it is important to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences throughout your daily activities. With any kind of communication, you need to understand your intended audience. You also need to be aware of each audience’s needs.  Often the same information will need to be delivered to different audiences.

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Deontological Ethics

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Discuss and define deontological ethics, social justice ethics, OR virtue ethics . Analyze how a person holding the ethical view you chose would view the issue within your community.  Discuss and define your ethical viewpoint. Using your ethical viewpoint, analyze how you feel about the issue within your community. 

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Business Plan Component

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One of the most important elements in a business plan is the market analysis. A market analysis is a qualitative and quantitative assessment of a market. It includes data collection and estimation in reference to the market size and value; characteristics of the intended customer base; in-depth understanding of the competition; barriers to entry and the regulatory environment.

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Organic Architecture

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Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most influential architects of the twentieth century. In many of his works he strives for an “organic architecture,” where the building mirrors or blends with the environment where it is placed. Because of this, many of his buildings are site specific – meaning if they were moved to an alternate location they would no longer have the same appeal or carry the same meaning for viewers.

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