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The Importance of Writing Client Notes

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The ability to write good contact notes is important because these notes constitute the written record about the service a person receives from you. In addition, these notes serve to document changes in the person, the person’s life, and the service plan. One of the objectives is to keep the notes brief. Too much information can be overwhelming for the reader and can easily be taken out of context. Continue reading

Gradual Changes in Romantic Relationships

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You will complete a qualitative research project about turning points, or changes across time in relationships. The goal of this project is to help you better understand communication in a specific type of relationship while giving you the opportunity to apply skills and concepts learned .

Turning points are significant events that either cause a relationship to increase or decrease in closeness. Some examples of turning points in  romantic relationships include first dates, big fights, and engagement  Continue reading

Gun Control


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In two pages, describe, define and speak about gun control and how it creates controversy in our world. Continue reading

Transformational Leadership

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Your group is to select five (5) theories/hypotheses/models/frameworks from the list provided on Blackboard that are associated with leadership communication. Once the group has selected the
five leadership terms, your group will explore the origination of each theory/hypothesis/model/
framework selected. Continue reading

Genetically Modified Foods

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Watch the two videos linked : \”Norman Borlaug & The Green Revolution\” (https://www.youtube.com/watch’v=Lg9-HTtgFOk)

and \”The Green Revolution: Waging a War Against Hunger\”(https://www.youtube.com/watch’v=HucSCNQ01X4) After watching:

Summarize the information in both videos and include one ethical theory that Norman Borlaug was working under during his work with plants and in biotechnology Continue reading

SIM Role Play

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25 min ago your client got a phone call from her daughter-in-law that her water has broken and she is on her way to the hospital. A bedside family meeting has been requested by the patient, and family. They are a big and close knit group. It is Sunday and the client is in the hospital awaiting an important MRI that needs to be done right away. MRI’s are only completed during weekdays, so this test must wait until Monday. The time is not set. The client’s issue is that, this is her first grandchild, and she very much would like to be present for the delivery; which should happen sometime in the next 24 hours. Continue reading

The Law & Public Policy

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At every level of government, laws are passed in order to implement a public policy. In fact, almost every law in the country enforces some public policy or provides for some kind of public service. From requiring immunizations and setting speed limits to limiting sales of firearms and restricting the sale of drugs and alcohol, laws are intended to serve the greater good by promulgating and/or implementing public policies. In this Assignment, you analyze specific implications of public policy on laws/regulations. Continue reading

Managerial Capitalism According to Alfred Chandler


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Explain what Alfred Chandler meant by “scale”, “scope” and “managerial capitalism”?  Discuss the implications of these concepts for the digital economy. Continue reading

How to Manage Human Resources in The Shipping Industry

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Gaining competitive advantage is critical for organizations. Organizations seek to gain a competitive advantage in the market in order to be more profitable than their competitors. However, competitive advantages are typically temporary unless the organization also has the human resources it needs to successfully implement the organizational strategy. You should propose and analyse effective strategies for managing human resources in the shipping industry, in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Continue reading

Functional Abilities & Early Childhood Education

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Why are these functional Abilities important in the Early Childhood Education profession? Answer this question and describe in detail at least two examples of using these skills in your ECE professional teaching practices for each functional ability section. Respond in essay format.  Continue reading

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