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Interview with The Author & Characters From the Crucible

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You are a reporter for the Salem clarion and have been granted the opportunity to interview Arthur Miller and the characters from his play,The Crucible Act 1 only .
Ask questions to Arthur Miller and any four characters from the play ( five questions in all), and record each individual’s responses.The responses for the characters (at least a paragraph each) should reflect each characters situation and feeling about what is happening to them.Consider such characters as Abigail Williams,John proctor ,Elizabeth proctor, Tituba etc… .

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The Young Lady of Avignon

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Write a 400 to 500 words paper of your oral presentation that you’ll give for your project. Your presentation will require combining the skills you’ve been developing of historical analysis, visual analysis, and personalizing works of art. Your presentation should include the following:

 1) Introduction

 2) Historical Analysis: Think of what information is important about   the artwork, and also what information is interesting.

3) Visual Analysis: Mention all the elements of design. Choose the very best words and use them in a clear way.

4) Personal Reflection: What does it make me think of, make me feel? What role do those thoughts and feelings have in your life? What role could this artwork play in society for others?

5) Conclusion

6) Bibliography Additional considerations:

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Archaeological Discoveries

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The archaeological record is perpetually changing. Archaeologists are always discovering more finds and publishing on emerging data from their projects. However, most people will never read any of the reports or academic articles that archaeologists produce. Instead, general audiences receive this new information through the news. Analyze a news article emerging from a popular news source. This source can either be a legitimate newspaper (ex. The New York Time, Washington Post, The Guardian) or a science/history magazine (ex. Discover, National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine).

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Effects of Technology on the Human Attention Span

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Did the advancement of technology help or worsen the human attention span? How has the human attention span been affected by technological advancements? Do you think that future generations will benefit from technology Why so, or not so? How did technology change our culture? Make sure to conduct further research to support your argument. Make it interesting and captivating to your readers. Continue reading

Sign Language Aphasia

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Give a critical evaluation of the social, medical and psychological issues surrounding sign language aphasia. Evaluate which treatment options are the best in terms of the psychological well-being and social functioning of the patient. Are there any recent debates, issues and research about this pathology. Continue reading

Analyzing 25 Years of AIDS

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The documentary ’25 Years of AIDS’ has 15 separate video installments that provide the viewer with an overview of the political, social, public health, and medical dimensions of the pandemic, both within the United States and globally. Clicking on the timeline: 25 years of AIDS provides a repository of documents, maps, and interviews with key informants that help in providing context to the video presentations.  What the documentary in the following links.

Video link: Part 1 http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/aids/
Part 2 https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/aids/#video-2
Documents link: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/aids/

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Public Health Issues

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Write a 3,000-word essay, that draws on the academic evidence on your topic area and uses Harvard Referencing. The essay should be word processed, using size 12 font, and have 1½ line spacing.The essay should critically analyze a public health issue where inequalities exist (e.g., bowel cancer, physical inactivity, etc.). Continue reading

Expanding the View of Civil Rights

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Civil Rights regulate the way in which the government interacts and treats citizens. There is a long history of gaps in civil rights with regards to race and gender. Specifically, with the history of African Americans, provide 3 stories of how the national government had to expand their view of civil rights in order to include them; from slavery, to citizens, to equal status in America. Continue reading

How to Improve Your Writing Skills

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To improve your writing skills, start by brushing up on the basics. Your grammar and spelling must be perfect. You can achieve this by using resources that will introduce you to the correct use of grammar and widen your vocabulary. There is no known shortcut to becoming a proficient writer. Even the best writers had to learn this craft over a period of time after years of practice. That’s why writing as often as you can is recommended. Set apart thirty minutes every day to write about any topic that comes to mind. This will work to reduce the fear of a blank page. Continue reading

Slavery in African Societies

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In their landmark study of slavery in Africa, anthropologists Susanne Miers and Igor Kopytoff wrote that whereas freedom is considered to be the opposite of slavery in the West for African societies, “the opposite of slavery is belonging.” After surveying the institution of slavery across Africa, Miers and Kopytoff found that African societies sought to incorporate captives into the lineage group of their captors even though the process occurred over generations. Read the excerpt from Scottish explorer Mungo Park’s account of slavery along the Gambia River and the interviews by German Missionary Koelle compiled by historian P.E.H. Hair. How do these accounts help you better understand the meaning of slavery in African societies? What do these first-hand accounts tell you about the different types of institutions of “slavery” in Africa during the era of the transatlantic slave trade? Continue reading

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