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Law Quiz

Credit : iata.org
  1. Which statement is correct?
    1. Any nonperformance when performance is due is a breach.
    1. A party has not breached if he has substantially performed.
  2. If a court determines that a party has substantially performed, then the other party
    1. has the right to terminate the contract.
    1. has the right to suspend performance.
    1. has no rights.
    1. may seek damages for any loss caused by the breach.
  3. If enforced by the court, what is the typical effect of a “time is of the essence” clause?
    1. A partially breaching party who is late in performing is given time to cure the breach.
    1. The clause negates the right of the breaching party to cure if he is late in performance
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Barney’s Beachfront Property

Credit: medium.com

In preparation for the hurricane season, Barney, who owns beachfront property in Florida, enters into a contract with XYZ Contractors to have a wall built to prevent waves from reaching his house. The contract requires that the wall be finished by June 1, which is the start of the hurricane season. The contract has a clause that states “time is of the essence.” During the last week of May, the wall is still 30% incomplete. Even if XYZ Contractors worked around the clock, it would miss the June 1 deadline—a fact that XYZ acknowledges. Barney terminates the contract and hires another contractor to finish the wall.

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Cellular Respiration

Credit: scienceclarified.com

Write down the names of the 3 sets of metabolic reactions leaving lots of space in
between them and then draw an appropriate geometric shape around each to represent that metabolic pathway. Add in the intermediate step between the first two pathways. Follow the carbons. Start with 6C-glucose and indicate the initial reactant and the products for each metabolic pathway. Where do all the 6 carbons of glucose go?

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Hotel Management Project

Credits: projectsgeek.com

For this individual project, you are assigned to open a new hotel / resort in an area of your choice.
You will need to write out a plan that includes the following:

• Your hotel / resort concept
• Staffing and human resources
• Safety and security
• Your marketing plan
• A discussion about your revenue centers and stream of revenue plan
• Local or global issues that may affect your hotel / resort

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