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The rise of Adolf Hitler & the Nazi Party in Germany

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What led to the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party in Germany during the interwar years? How did they come to power, and what did they offer to the German people?

Erick Erickson’s Developmental Stages in Older Adults

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1.What is the developmental stage of older adults?

2. What must be accomplished at this stage?

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Addressing an Ethical Concern

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Write a 1–2 page letter that identifies and addresses your concern. This letter can be written to the editor of your local newspaper, your local legislative body, or agencies that create policy and advocacy for this population.

This letter should be an example of critical thinking and should include, at a minimum:

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10-k Summary Report

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Choose a listed company from Stock Exchanges and download the recent 10-K of the company from IR of the company website or SEC filings. Summarize all the Item in 10-K (Item 1 ~ 16) and Analyze each item with your own words.

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Changing Behavior in Conflict Management

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As part of my Conflict Management Course, identify a behavior you have when in conflict that you need to change.

You have identified that behavior (Benchmark 1) and have also identified your behavior patterns (Benchmark 2) and done some research on why changing this behavior is important (Benchmark 3). You now need a reflective essay done bringing together all elements into a narrative essay that answers the following questions:

– Your chosen behavior to change
– Why you picked that behavior
– What your patterns are in relation to that behavior 
– What research did you find to help you understand how to change your behavior
– strategies to change 

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MS. Project Report

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Prepare a Project Schedule on MS Project showing tasks, durations, predecessors, critical path, slack time, milestones, WBS and summaries. The Schedule will correspond to the project scoping document for a project offered through a case study. Submit the assessment in the .mpp format (MS Project file) only.

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Zen in the Art of Archery

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Read the chapters from Eugen Herrigel’s book Zen in the art of archery and answer these questions: What is the role of the student? What is the role of the teacher? Why is the learning process so important? Give examples from the reading to support your observations and be sure to cite the chapter (s) they are from.

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Building Community Involvement in Diversity

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The purpose of this assignment is to deepen our understanding of the diverse ELLs we serve by getting to know their local communities and to find ways to build community involvement.
Identify a local immigrant community. Chose a culture or community relevant to the needs of your current school/classroom, future teaching plans, or interests. You CANNOT be a member of the culture/community you visit.
Research the community before you visit.

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Working in the International Business Arena

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What is it like to be a business professional working in the international business arena? Your assignment is to interview an individual whose occupation involves significant exposure to international business dealings (sales, purchasing, legal contracts, logistics, marketing, etc.). Get to know what their reality is in adjusting to the challenges created by international implications.

The interview with your subject should last at least 20minutes in length with the preferred format being in-person, via telephone is acceptable, and electronic interviews are the last resort. Review the following questions: Continue reading

The Best Companies to Work for in America

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Using materials from magazines such as Forbes, Fortune, Working Women, and BusinessWeek, research the best companies to work for in America and the cultures of those organizations. Out of all the companies identified in Step 1, choose two companies where you would most like to work. Write a report on the two companies you have selected. Include what you discovered about the cultures of these two organizations and why you would like to work there. Examine the impact that you think the management has on the organization’s culture. Continue reading

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