Human_Trafficking_EssayPaper Instructions:

Please respond to each of the questions below in a 4 page paper.

Question One:
Research drug trafficking in Afghanistan, Columbia, and Pakistan and answer the following questions:
• How does the drug trade impact the economy of each country?
• What is each individual country doing to forestall the drug trade?

• What type of international cooperation is each country receiving in their war against the drug trade?
• How is the revenue from drugs being used to fund terrorist organizations?Question Two:
You are with FBI and you received a call from the Coast Guard informing you that a container with 75 women from Thailand was found in San Diego on the dock. As lead agent, you were able to successfully identify and prosecute the ring involved in this human trafficking.

Present following information as a report to the Bureau:
• Where and how did you begin your investigation?
• What domestic agencies did you call in to assist?
• How did you facilitate international cooperation?
• What humanitarian groups were helpful?

Question Three:
Examine two groups of people fleeing from war-torn lands. Include:
• A description of the two groups
• the conditions in refugee camps
• international attempts to regulate migration
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