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Nursing in America

nursing_in_americaPaper instructions:
Need about 250 words to one page for eachExplain how you see the differences of basic and advanced practice nursing differ in correctional facilities and those outside correctional facilities. Continue reading

How Various Philosophies Define Crime

criminology_essayPaper Instructions:

Using the assigned readings and the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data from the FBI website, write a reflective essay (750-1,000) on how various philosophies define crime and how differences in philosophy can influence the way that crime is quantified. Continue reading

Domestic Terrorism in America

domestic_tourism_essayPaper Instructions:

Write responses to two (2) the following questions with reference to your textbook and readings:
•How has contemporary critical criminology defined power? What is the effect of this power on crime and terrorism?
•Discuss rational choice theory. How does it relate to criminal or terrorist activity? Continue reading

Political Science Comparison/Contrast

political_science_essayPaper instructions:
Write a six-paragraph essay that compares and/or contrasts the political views of two of the writers assigned in this unit (Nicolo Machiavelli and Mary Wollstonecraft).Isolate specific points in the readings that deal with the assumptions the writers have about human nature and their approaches to power. Continue reading

Consulting on Human Resource and Organizational Problems


Paper instructions:

You have been hired as a consultant (to your current organization, previous organization, or a fictional organization). Describe and analyze a human resource/organizational problem(s) and recommend an organizational development strategy (ies). Provide a rationale as to why you think this approach will help. Continue reading

Sample Essay: Challenges of Financial Integrity and Competition in Financial Management

business_ethics_essayFinancial management is an integral function in the field of business. It involves the planning, organizing, directing, controlling of an organization’s or firm’s financial resources (Davis, Kumiega & Van Vliet, 2012). Proper or sound financial management is known to lead a company to profitability and growth as financial loses are lessened or avoided fully (Hickman, Byrd, & McPherson, 2013). The vital nature of this practice underlines the great responsibility that financial managers in the various institutions organizations where they offer their services. They especially encounter many challenges with some of the prominent ones being the task of maintaining ethical financial integrity and competition in the market on both the domestic and the international front. Continue reading

Psychologists and Jury Selection

jury_selection_essayPaper instructions:
Describe the role the psychologist serves as a consultant in the jury selection process. Provide three examples of psychological concepts and describe how they are applied to the selection of juries.
Address at least one common ethical obligation or issue facing psychologists in each of the following areas.
Law enforcement Continue reading

Strategic Financial Analysis of Energy or oil and Gas Company

oil_industry_essayPaper instructions:
Strategic Financial Analysis of Energy or oil and Gas Company
Assessed Assignment: Analytic Review of a Company
The assignment will be to undertake an analysis of a large corporate business from published information
•    Description of the business and its operating segments Continue reading

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