You need to develop a paid advertising strategy for your campaign. All paid advertising will be sending traffic back to your microsite that you created earlier in the semester.

In your strategy you should have sections covering the following:

A brief 50 – 100 word overview of the strategy including what channels you’ll target and the desired outcomes.

List three goals for the paid advertising campaign. For example:

Increase brand awareness

Increase email subscriber list

Generate qualified leads

Identify three channels you’ll use for paid advertising and explain why you’ve selected these channels.

This could be Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc…

For your selected channels identify your targeting methods. For Facebook, LinkedIn etc this could be demographics, interest, location, etc… for search this will be specific keywords.

Create one sample advertisement concept per channel. For example on sample Google Adwords ad, describe one YouTube advertisement and one sample Facebook advertisement or promoted post.

Describe what landing pages will be created for the advertisements.
Identify a budget for your paid media. You’ll have to do some research and see if your brand publishes their total advertising / marketing budget or if you can find a similar brand or industry that has. Use this chart for assistance.

, we should be able to take your strategy and actually start a paid media campaign based on it.