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Human Intelligence & IQ


Define cognition and the processes of thinking, mental imagery, and conceptualizing.
Define the basic components of language and grammar.
Define intelligence and the issues related to its definition.
Discuss the problem of cultural bias in intelligence tests and the attempts to produce a culture- fair IQ test.

Quarantine Vs. Isolation


Find journals about Quarantine, isolation, and other public health control measures and then discuss the differences between quarantine and isolation. Use examples to make your distinctions clear.

Sociology of Medicine and Health


In what ways do you think sociology can enhance the study of the social aspects of health, illness, and healthcare?

POS Systems in Grocery Stores


Grocery chains have been using information technologies for several decades.After reviewing books on Information Systems and other sources, write a one page paper that describes three such technologies. What are two advantages of a POS system

Areas of Excellence Scholarship


1) How do your interests align with community and primary care nursing?
2) How will these interests be enhanced through the doctoral nurse practitioner program?

How Administrative Agencies Protect The Common Good?


Answer this question: How do administrative agencies protect and promote the common good?

Pretrial Procedures


Briefly describe one aspect of the pretrial procedures that embodies a commitment to fairness or impartiality as a key ethical value.

The Impact of Information Technology on the Global Logistics Industry


Discuss the Impact of Information Technology on the Global Logistics Industry

Research Methodologies


Describe the three basic methods a researcher would utilize to conduct research. Utilizing the three methods how would you conduct research on gambling?

World Views


Sociologists view the world from a variety of perspectives. In your own words, briefly describe each major perspective and identify at least one sociologist associated with each perspective. Also, apply each perspective to poverty in America

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