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Theories of Moral Development

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Which of the two theories is in your opinion is a better motivator of human behavior and why: the divine command theory or the natural law theory?
Compare and contrast hedonism with ethical subjectivism.
Which of the two theories is less convincing and why: psychological egoism or ethical egoism?

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Dark Triad Personality Test

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Research and explain the traits of The Dark Triad (Psychopathy, Machiavellianism, Narcissism)

1. Give an example of 3 leaders that demonstrate some of the Dark Triad traits-

2. Describe their career path, successes, failures, and the legacy they left behind (positive or negative).

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Tribal Leadership

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You will administer the Tribal Leadership survey to a member of an organization to which you have access. After you have interviewed the member, you will respond to the following questions.

A.     Determine the organization’s tribal leadership stage using the Tribal Leadership Survey.

B.     Acknowledge the tangible and intangible cultural characteristics that define the tribe and tribal stage and determine how well the identified stage of tribal leadership (based on the Tribal Leadership Survey results) aligns with the characteristics of the organization’s overall culture.

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