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Sample Essay: Civil Rights Movement in America

essay_writing_serviceEquality is an integral part or component of any society. Parity should be observed in matters concerning race, opinion, and gender. People should not be subjected to discrimination if they belong to a particular race. This provision was specifically brought up to counter the racial discrimination of individuals who came from the minority races (Shelton & Colon, 2010). The minority races in America include the African-Americans, Hispanic and Latino members of the community. As far as gender is concerned, all people should be treated equally, regardless of whether they are male or female (Shelton & Colon, 2010). Members of the community should also have an equal opportunity to express their opinion. One of the most remarkable initiatives aimed at ensuring equality in the society includes the civil rights movement. Continue reading

Strategic Management

Paper instructions:i

1. Academic level – Masters
2. References – min 12 Academic References; 2 of which must be from the key textbook (Exploring Corporate Strategy)3. This assignment will be segregated into 2 tasks:
a) Task A:
Present a table that provides a brief description and key references of concepts and tools with respect to Environment Analysis.
b) Task B:

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Sample Essay: How the Media Influences Teen Obesity in America

obesity_essayObesity has reached epidemic proportions globally over the past few years, with more than a billion teenagers and children being overweight. The major contributor to this chronic disease is the media (Keller 14). The media world, which children, youth, and a number of adults enjoy so much, by way of movies, video games, videos, and the internet have profound influence on their health. While the media gives people a chance to learn more and be entertained, some of the messages and images aired have been linked to socially inappropriate behavior and health concerns. Continue reading

Sample Essay: Annotated Bibliography on Carlv Sandburg

carv_essayMarsh, Carole.  Carl Sandburg; Chicago’s award winning author: Peachtree city, GA:

Gallopade International, 1998.

Marsh states that the life and background of Sandburg assisted in his creativity (1).  The book gives a review on the background of Sandburg.  Continue reading

Sample Essay: Handmaid’s Tale

the-handmaid-s-taleThe tale concerns Offred a handmaid working in the Republic of Gilead as the central character, a country that replaced USA as a totalitarian state. From the book, we learn that citizens of the country have a problem of conceiving children and hence Handmaids are requested to bear children for married couples with such problems (Atwood, 2012). Offred happens to be working for the Commander and his wife Serena Joy, who at one point used to sing and also practiced law as an advocate.
Before coming to Gilead, the handmaid had been in a relationship with a married man named Luke. Luke parted ways with his wife and married Offred, and they were blessed to have a child together. Offred had come from a single parent family headed by her mother who was a feminist activist (Atwood, 2012).  Offred remembers her best friend Moira whom she describes as a very independent person.


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Philosopher’s main view about consciousness/the self/personal identity

Choose any two of the philosophers that we read in Unit 2. (The Two philosophers I chose are Descartes and Locke)  Recap each philosopher’s main view about consciousness/the self/personal identity. Explain at least one difference between the two philosophers’ views and state which view you prefer. Then, offer an argument (i.e., evidence) against the view that you reject.

If you need to re-familiarize yourself with the central issues on personal identity, I suggest that you review the following (20-minute) podcast: The Self and Personal Identity. Additional information regarding personal identity can also be found here:

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Compare and Contrast Plato and Descartes

The following outlines what should be included in your paper. This structure should seem familiar to you because it flows from the Taylor excerpt you had read. Although Taylor addressed many of the following issues in more than a paragraph, you should also keep in mind that his essay is much longer—about 50 pages. Since your paper will only be 3 pages, you will have to be more concise and organize your ideas much more succinctly.

Paper Topic: Compare and contrast Plato and Descartes. Is contact with another necessary or beneficial for learning or is she a hindrance?

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In today’s fast-paced world, a student is found to have many engagements, which are not related to his or her studies. Often, the time for writing one’s essays becomes scarce as an individual strives to attend to the other obligations. For instance, I undertook my undergraduate studies while working part-time in a nearby bookshop. These work and academic activities are equally important thus the requirement of a trustworthy research paper writing service to strike the balance.


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