Date: August 18, 2015

Environmental Toxicology: Botulinum

Environmental_Toxicology_EssayPaper instructions:

Choose a chemical that you wish to research and discuss. The topic picked: botulinum.
Start by finding the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS or now called SDS) for your chemical.  Also, you can find a wealth of information by looking up your chemical of choice here:

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Human Resource Management

Human_Resource_Management_essay_writingPaper instructions:

Part One:
Part a). Identify the key differences between the ‘best fit’ and ‘best practice’ schools of thought in strategic HRM. Argue to what extent these two schools of thought align with the new service management school described by Korczynski (2002). Continue reading

Company Auditing

company_fraud_essayTo what extent has employee fraud been a problem for the US organizations in the 21st century , and what steps should organizations take to deter employee fraud

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