Date: December 8, 2015

Part A: State-of-the-Art-Review (1000 words) Part B: Company Analysis (2000 words)

company reviewPaper instructions:

Coursework The individual coursework assignment relates directly to the learning outcomes of this module and should consist of two parts – A and B: Part A: State-of-the-Art-Review (1000 words) Continue reading

Compare Different Productivity Software in the Cloud

cloud office productivityPaper instructions:

Discuss the different kinds of office productivity software in the cloud (at least two, preferably 3 or more), research the features and functionality of them, and compare them based on five criteria. Continue reading

Monetary Policy

monetary policyPaper Instructions::

According to the Europe Central Bank website, the treaty establishing the Europe community Continue reading

The Issue of Justice vs. Peace and Reconciliation

israeli palestinian conflictPaper Instruction:

The issue of Justice vs. Peace and Reconciliation with respect to the play The Gaza Monologues and also from the play The Fever Chart. Continue reading


computingPaper Instructions:

Each student will prepare a research paper. Its purpose is to give the student an opportunity to bring the information and concepts of the course to bear on a topic, issue, or project with which he or she is concerned. Continue reading

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