Discuss how one can create an organization using local resources of land, labor and capital that would maximize your business and personal values while economizing on costs? Identify some barriers, problems and challenges and how you would successfully face them. Suggest the outlines of an organizational plan that would enable you to achieve your goals. Take into account elements of culture and society and the particular characteristics of your labor force. How would you motivate, reward and gain the commitment of your managers and workers while still making sufficient profit? Will you implement a scientific, or humanistic approach? What will you do that reflects the particular approach? Will you structure from the top down, or implement democratic ideas?

 This paper is your chance to demonstrate that you understand and can accurately apply concepts from the textbook. In your paper, in the course of answering the questions in the previous paragraphs, include at least four direct quotations from articles in the textbook (not from the editor’s introductory essays). Use the same citation format as in the discussion boards to cite each quote. Each quotation must be from a different article, so your paper will have quotations from at least four different articles. After each quotation, explain clearly how the concepts in the quotation will be applied to your organization. I recommend looking over the readings from Units 1 through 6 and seeing which ideas in them seem most useful to you in planning your organization. The strongest papers will use a range of concepts from throughout the book rather than, say, the first four articles in the textbook.

Your paper should be approximately 1200-1800 words, double spaced, in 12-point font and should include Part 1 (revised if necessary). Please structure your paper as follows: Begin with a brief overview of the type of the organization you plan to create (which is Part 1), and concisely identify the key steps or strategies that you’ll use in your organization. Then, in the body of the paper, elaborate on these strategies as you answer the questions (apply concepts) in more depth, while incorporating at least four quotations. Use headings for structure and readability. At the end of the paper, summarize your plan. The tone should be serious, scholarly and projective.