Day: September 27, 2018

Bach Flower Remedy


Create a Bach flower remedy. Bring a small, clearly labeled dropper bottle of the stock essence for other class members and the teacher to try. Try your remedy for a few days. Using observation, meditation, vision questing, or any other suitable method, attempt to identify the effect your particular flower remedy exerts on the mind. Create and present a record of your observations. Continue reading

Sources of Law


Share the sources of law from your state. Provide a working link to the court decisions from your state, the code from your state and the administrative regulations from your state. These are typically found by first going to your state’s official webpage. Please clearly label your links so that I know which source you are identifying. Continue reading

The Difference Between Management & Leadership?


What is the difference between management and leadership? Share an example of characteristics or traits of an outstanding leader. What traits did this leader exhibit? How did those traits impact the workplace? You can use a professional example, or share details of a leader that you admire, i.e., Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, etc. Evaluate the influence leadership traits and/or styles have on an individual’s leadership style Continue reading

Is Drinking & Smoking a Normal Part of Adolescent Life Today?


Has getting drunk and smoking Cannabis become a normal part of adolescent life? After reading two articles, discuss to what extent you agree or disagree with the idea that drinking and drug use have become normative. You should refer to the findings and theory of the articles as well as to your own opinion. You may have a different answer for different kinds of substances and/or in different circumstances or you may not. Continue reading

Spending a Day With Your Favorite Artist


If you had the chance to spend the day with one artist who would it be and what would your day look like? Plan an entire day from beginning to end. This paper must have an introduction, body paragraphs with smooth transitions and a conclusion. Why did you chose this artist? Plan a written narrative of your day with this person and share this day with others? Continue reading

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