Day: September 25, 2018

Analyzing 3 Crime Fiction Novels


Analyze  three crime fiction novels you’ve read  and attempt to compare and contrast them to put them in conversation with each other. Please make sure to cite sources and give other people credit for their ideas. Review the instructions below for more details about the assignment and how your work will be assessed. You must explore cultural differences between these two works and while analyzing systems of power among individuals, communities, and/or institutions in these cultures. You must organize your paper around a central claim about the similarities and/or differences between the novels. You must argue in favor of your thesis through sound reasoning and providing evidence from the text. You must also aim to engage with perspectives that might be different from your own, whether you have encountered these views through research or have simply attempted to imagine how others might think about the issue, showing that you have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of these perspectives. Continue reading

Responsible Beverage Service


Briefly describe the intended purpose and expectations for employees who have been trained for responsible beverage service. Outline and briefly explain all the phases of a well-planned employment hiring process. What is service? How does the level of expected service standards and the service style change, based on operational variables such as; type of operation, target customer, service style, meal periods, and menus offered? Continue reading

Music & Events


Think of some instances where music is used to shape an event e.g., a sporting event, church service, concert. Think about and describe the ways that you believe the music can help people to bond during a particular event. Does the music support any changes in the mood of the event? Do different genres of music symbolize different things? Are there any underlying issues that you can relate to Balinese music and spatiality? Continue reading

Socrates the Classical Greek Philosopher


Articulate one particularly puzzling aspect related to Socrates, the classical Greek philosopher and explain how you were able to make sense of it.  Give an overview of what you are discussing- the “Big Picture,” so to speak- within which the more narrow issues rest. The body of the paper should be devoted to what was puzzling or confusing about the issue itself, or if one of the thinkers, offered a thought-provoking answer to the problem of change and opposition, this would be the space to explore those thoughts and to make sense of them. Continue reading

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