Day: October 12, 2019

Choosing the right mentor


How do you go about locating a mentor? How do you know if a mentor is right for you? What are some important characteristics (strengths/weaknesses) you should look for in potential mentors? How could a mentor assist you in achieving potential academic and career goals related to a strategic leadership program?

Difference Between Everyday Personal, ‘Social’ Meanings & ‘sociological’ meanings of ‘The University’


Using one example drawn from the research article on Bergerson , give an example of the sociological imagination in relation to the topic of ‘the university’ –ie. explain the difference between everyday personal, ‘social’ meanings and ‘sociological’ meanings of ‘the university’ in the contexts of students’ experience of university

Is Classical Greek Sculpture the Paragon of Fine Art.


Critically evaluate Hegel’s claim that classical Greek sculpture is the paragon of Fine Art.

Race & the U.S. Criminal Justice System


Discuss the link between Race and the U.S. criminal justice system. Locate a video on TedTalks that discusses race and the criminal justice system. Once you have chosen a talk, provide a hyperlink of the video, a summary of the video and discuss how the video is related to the topic

Show Me Your Friends, & I’ll Tell You Who You Are


Show me your friends, and i’ll tell you who you are” How is the Labeling theory related to criminal involvement?

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