Day: December 2, 2019

Estate, Caste & Class Systems

How are estate, caste and class systems different? How are they similar? Define each system  and explain each of their functions in detail

Bertollini Case Study


After going through the Bertollini Case, identify and sort through the relevant facts presented in a case; what do you know so far?  Who is the actual client? What is actually happening here?  How can you know for sure

1.Identify the problems and issues that arise in a case. What has changed in the Bertollini’s situation, to bring them to your office? What needs to be addressed in order to improve the situation?

2.  Identify the positive based aspects of the situation. What has gone right so far? What positive elements exist in this situation that can help you in your work with the Bertollini Family?

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Deviance & Crime


Explain the difference between deviance and crime. Explain how deviance varies depending on the situation. Give at least 3 examples.

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