After going through the Bertollini Case, identify and sort through the relevant facts presented in a case; what do you know so far?  Who is the actual client? What is actually happening here?  How can you know for sure

1.Identify the problems and issues that arise in a case. What has changed in the Bertollini’s situation, to bring them to your office? What needs to be addressed in order to improve the situation?

2.  Identify the positive based aspects of the situation. What has gone right so far? What positive elements exist in this situation that can help you in your work with the Bertollini Family?

4. Analyze the issues in terms of knowledge presented and assumptions that you need to check in order to make a plan? What are the factors that are likely related to this situation?  How do these factors have their influence on the situation?

5. Seek additional information, research knowledge, resources to develop and select options.   What else do we need to find out to make a viable plan? Where can we go to get this information? What did you find out when you sought this information?

6. Develop a concrete strategy (short-term and long-term goals) and measurable activities to meet these goals. What is the overall goal for the client or family?  What are the objectives? What measurable intervention (or activities) will get the client to meet the goal?

 7. Identify methods for evaluating the outcomes and revising the plan. How will you know if the plan is being implemented adequately?   How will you know if the plan is working?  How will you revise the plan based on different possible outcomes?