Day: November 15, 2020

Historical Sports Events


Identify and discuss two events that you consider significant in the history of sport/physical activity. For each event, give any important background information and discuss how/why the event is important, and the impact it had on sport and/or greater society. Include the link to any online article, name of book or movie etc. that was used to inform this submission, however, the assignment requires you to write at least 1 paragraph on each event, addressing the above outlined components.

Containing COVID-19


Pick two international proposals implemented to fight the pandemic (either by IMF, World Bank, UN or UNCTAD) and describe how those two proposals are designed, what is the intended target, objectives, and focus on impact. Be critical about them. The pandemic has created an unprecedented hunger and food insecurity problems. Describe and elaborate on global food emergency plans at the local, regional, or international level. Use data.

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Hotel Management Project


For this individual project, you are assigned to open a new hotel / resort in an area of your choice.
You will need to write out a plan that includes the following:

• Your hotel / resort concept
• Staffing and human resources
• Safety and security
• Your marketing plan
• A discussion about your revenue centers and stream of revenue plan
• Local or global issues that may affect your hotel / resort

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