Day: November 16, 2020

Dahl’s Dimensions of Democracy


Compare and contrast Robert Dahl’s 5 criteria for a functioning constitutional system in comparison to what we now know about the powers and limits of the US Presidency. What formal powers are accorded to the President in the Constitution? What informal powers can the President draw upon?
Do you think Dahl’s criteria are met by the description of the presidency here? What about executive orders? Military power? Impeachment process? How would you change the powers, limits and/or role of the United States Presidency? In your opinion, should the president have more powers or fewer? Should certain informal or formal powers be withdrawn or expanded?

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The Paleoindian People


Where do you think that Paleoindian people in the early Paleoindian period fall within Binford’s Forager-Collector Spectrum? Why? Find information from a Paleoindian site in North American that supports your conclusion. Be sure to include the name of the site, it’s location, the dates of the Paleoindian occupation(s) and what was found there that helps you know how those Paleoindian people were living

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