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The Distance Between Us

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Reyna Grande’s memoir, The Distance Between Us, recounts her childhood and adolescence in Mexico and the United States. As the title suggests, Grande and her siblings experienced, succumbed to, and overcame many kinds of “distance” on their way to adulthood. Consider how the theme of distance, in its many forms, is present in the book to

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Volkswagen Group Activity

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A reflection essay on my experience with the Volkswagen group activity. It should include a review of both my effectiveness as a group member and the effectiveness of the group as a whole. A Theory of reflective practice such as Kolbs learning cycle should be used. The emphasis should be on a critical evaluation not on self promotion. Continue reading

Punishment vs Consequence

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What are some of the unforeseen consequences of the following practices of punishment: capital punishment, solitary confinement, and panoptic surveillance? Keep in mind that these consequences might affect not just the prisoner, but others as well, and even society as a whole.
Draw on all three of Foucault, Guenther, and Camus in your response. Continue reading


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Marketing is a term that is often used by many businesses. It IS a key part of our business structure. Businesses that satisfy the needs of customers and build relationships with their customers will do well in the long term. Please discuss marketing from a ‘creating a relationship’ perspective. Continue reading

In His Image: The Cloning of Man

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In 1978, David Rorvik, in his book In His Image: The Cloning of a Man, claimed that after several years of research and experimentation, a wealthy businessman had been successfully cloned by means of somatic cell nuclear transfer into an enucleated human ovum, which had then been implanted into the uterus of a commercial surrogate mother. Rorvik did not cite sources because he claimed that he was allowed to tell the story only on condition of source anonymity. Continue reading

Transhumanism: Modified Human Beings

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Should We Reject the Transhumanist Goal of the Genetically Electronically and Mechanically Enhanced Human Being? in the Science and Society course textbook, pp. 335–351. Transhumanism is alternation of the human body by genetic alteration, tissue regeneration, or machine enhancement. It is being increasingly viewed as a way to cure disease and reverse physical handicaps. Some futurists believe it is a way to promote the next level of human evolution. Continue reading

Reflexive Diary

Reflexive journal

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Please complete a 2,000 word Reflexive Diary that reviews your learning throughout this module. The Diary should include specific learning points from the course as well as learning that has emerged through the experience of completing your CV and cover letter. This assignment is an opportunity for you to reflect on your own strengths and consider how best to use these as you apply for placements and jobs. Continue reading

Deloitte & Touche LLP

Accounting standards

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Deloitte & Touche LLP

Requirement (REVISED) I have assigned you a scandal/cases involving CPA firms below. Assigned topic: Deloitte & Touche LLP For the assigned topic, please write a term paper describing: what the scandal was about. what accounts were overstated and/or understated. how subject(s) violated the GAAP and/or tax law. whether the subject(s) received any disciplinary action from its accountancy board. whether the subject(s) indicted/charged/convicted of any crime. what was unethical about the subject(s) behavior. how it impacted the general public. Continue reading

Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis

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Root Cause Analysis

A root-cause -analysis is a process utilized to determine the cause and effect of a problem (in this case the problem is medication administration error). The purpose of this paper is to identify a problem (medication administration error) in the work place. Discuss in detail a root cause analysis of the problem with support from the literature. Continue reading

Sample Question: International Marketing

Marketing Paper

Write a 2000-2500 word Marketing Plan.
Choose a product or service you are familiar with. You can use a company you work for, a company you admire or any other company you are interested in. Summarize the company and the product (or service) you will be covering and cover the key aspects of the Marketing Plan as shown below.
• Discuss the Target Market for the Product, including how you arrived at that Target Market (such as Demographics, Psychographics and Synchographics)
• Describe the Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) for the product, including a deep dive on each of the 4 Ps. Please justify how you arrived at your marketing mix. For example, don’t just describe the price, but describe your pricing strategy.
• Describe the Environmental Variables (Competitive/Technological, Social/Cultural, Legal/Political and Economic) that affect the product and any marketing mix changes needed to adapt to the environmental variables.
• Include a Summary/Conclusion.
• Please use APA format. Continue reading

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