Accounting standards

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Deloitte & Touche LLP

Requirement (REVISED) I have assigned you a scandal/cases involving CPA firms below. Assigned topic: Deloitte & Touche LLP For the assigned topic, please write a term paper describing: what the scandal was about. what accounts were overstated and/or understated. how subject(s) violated the GAAP and/or tax law. whether the subject(s) received any disciplinary action from its accountancy board. whether the subject(s) indicted/charged/convicted of any crime. what was unethical about the subject(s) behavior. how it impacted the general public. how would you handle the situation if you were in that situation. Your recommendation to combat such unethical/illegal behavior. Written Paper – Turn in a typed, double spaced, 6 to 8 pages to Moodle site. Use APA or MLA format. Must provide at least three credible references. Do not use Wikipedia. Do not cut & paste media/online sources. Your writing’s similarity score will be checked by Turn-it-in software that checks whether your writing was a copy of any online sources or other student’s submitted work. Your writing’s similarity score should not exceed 35% (100% similarity score means your entire writing was a copy)