Date: September 9, 2015

Discussions on Creativity

Discussion_essayPaper instructions:

There are 2 parts to this assignment.
Discussion 1:
Robinson (2011) noted that “When people say to me that they are not creative, I assume that they haven’t yet learnt what is involved” (p. 1). Do you find it interesting to consider that creativity can be learned?

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Stages of Life and the Role of Counselling

Paper Instructions:

Identify the typical ‘stages’ of life, critically evaluating the challenges we might face at different times of life, paying particular attention to the ‘evening’ of life. Continue reading

Opening a New Hotel

Opening_Hotel_EssayPaper instructions:

Opening a New Hotel:
You are part of an exclusive hotel group that has a strong reputation for boutique luxury hotels in the capital city.

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Biological Traits of Humans

Paper instructions:

A.) Discuss what biological traits humans possessed that contributed to the creation of complex societies and civilization.

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