Date: September 12, 2015

Ethics, Compliance Auditing, and Emerging Issues

human-resource-management-essayPaper instructions:

To prepare for this assignment, review Chapter 9 in the course text as well as the article on compliance program auditing by Usnick and Usnick (2013).

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The Effects of Policing Immigration

immigration_policy_essayPaper Instructions

Write a paper that addresses the following questions. Your paper should be 4-5 pages. Be sure to answer all three questions posed. Continue reading

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

what's eating Gilbert Grape EssayPaper instructions:

Please use these techniques:
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Write an essay describing the issues that surround Gilbert and how he eventually becomes free of his burdens.
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Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder

depressive_disorder_essayPaper instructions:

Write a postgraduate level literature review on major depressive disorder, and its pharmacological treatment options. focus on pharmacology and medical chemistry.

My Physical and Emotional Health

body_mind_health_essayPaper instructions:

Now that you’ve been given criteria to measure and reflect on the impact of physical and emotional health in a person,you are to collect quantifiable and qualitative information about your physical and emotional health.  Continue reading

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