Date: September 10, 2015

Egyptian Art

Paper instructions:

Discuss the evolution of Egyptian art. How did it relate to Egyptian political, social and religious issues and beliefs? Continue reading

Henry Ford

Paper instructions:

Write Henry Ford’s biography.

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Western Civilization through the Eyes of a Greek

western_civilization_essayPaper instructions:

Goal:  To explore historical sources in greater depth, and to produce an original analysis of their meaning and relevance.  In this case, to examine how the cultures of early Western civilization affected and interpreted one another, each while maintaining its own peculiar characteristics. Continue reading

Slavery Reparations

Paper instructions:

I support reparations for slavery in the US.

THE ORIGINAL POST: React to the above pink-font statement. Before doing so, read Horowitz’s (2001) “Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks Is a Bad Idea for Blacks–and Racist, Too!,” Chrisman’s (2001) “Ten Reasons” and Robinson’s (2000) “America’s Debt to Blacks. Continue reading

Country Notebook-Cultural Analysis

culture_analysis_essayPaper instructions:

A country notebook is used by companies large and small and contains relevant information a marketer should be aware of when evaluating a specific country market’s potential.

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Enmity Between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Paper instructions:

Write an essay answering the question: Why are the Saudi and Iranian nations enemies today?

The Ban on Emergency Contraceptive

contraceptive_pill_essayPaper instructions:

I need a rhetorical analysis
Assignment: To help with the first paper, you will write a mini rhetorical analysis response based on one of the articles we read this unit.

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