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Environmental Toxicology: Botulinum

Environmental_Toxicology_EssayPaper instructions:

Choose a chemical that you wish to research and discuss. The topic picked: botulinum.
Start by finding the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS or now called SDS) for your chemical.  Also, you can find a wealth of information by looking up your chemical of choice here:

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Human Resource Management

Human_Resource_Management_essay_writingPaper instructions:

Part One:
Part a). Identify the key differences between the ‘best fit’ and ‘best practice’ schools of thought in strategic HRM. Argue to what extent these two schools of thought align with the new service management school described by Korczynski (2002). Continue reading

Company Auditing

company_fraud_essayTo what extent has employee fraud been a problem for the US organizations in the 21st century , and what steps should organizations take to deter employee fraud

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Advertising is in the Air that Americans Breathe

Paper instructions:

1.    From infancy to adulthood, advertising is in the air Americans breathe, the information we absorb, almost without knowing it. It floods our mind with pictures of perfection and goals of happiness easy to attain. . . . We are feeding on foolery, of which a steady diet, for those who feed on little else, cannot help but leave a certain fuzziness of perception.
Barbara Tuchman Write a well-organized and fully developed essay in which you do the following:

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Case Scenario of a Geriatric Patient

geriatric_care_essayPaper instructions:

Describe a case scenario of a GERIATRIC patient age 70 in the a hospital setting who suffered from a Stroke.
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Australia’s International Relations and Foreign Policy

Australia_Foreign_Policy_essayPaper instructions:

Australia must shift its security alliances to Asia.
Essay – international relations and foreign policy.
Australia is a Commonwealth country with total security allegiance to the US – yet it is situated deep in Asia. Continue reading

Community’s Source of Energy

Community_source_energy_essayPaper instructions:

Dropbox Assignment
Assignment 1: LASA 2: Examining Your Community’s Source of Energy
It is easy to criticize society for not using renewable resources, but in reality, how difficult would this transition be? What processes and procedures would be involved? How would such a transition be made? Continue reading

Analysis of Kuwaiti Economy

Kuwait_Economy_EssayPaper instructions:

Need minimum 30 pages article without introduction or conclusion because this is only a part of an 80 paged project that I need help with. Therefore I need the work to be straight forward upon Kuwait’s economy. Continue reading

The Promises and Perils of Nuclear Power

Nuclear_Power_EssayPaper instructions:

Assignment 1: Discussion—The Promises and Perils of Nuclear Power. The term nuclear power refers to the production of electrical energy via controlled nuclear reactions. These reactions generate heat that, in turn, creates steam that runs the generators to produce electricity. Continue reading

Emotions and Affect

emotions_affect_essayPaper instructions:

The final paper must be a research proposal that fits within the emotions & affect themes. The research proposal should clearly identify an area related to the science of emotions and affect, Continue reading
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