Kuwait_Economy_EssayPaper instructions:

Need minimum 30 pages article without introduction or conclusion because this is only a part of an 80 paged project that I need help with. Therefore I need the work to be straight forward upon Kuwait’s economy.
This course introduces the structure, operation, and performance of the Kuwaiti economy.  Our investigation of the economy will be both descriptive and analytical. Questions that will be answers include:
1. With the current status quo how long will the country of Kuwait survive?
2. How does Kuwait Compare in Economic development context to the region and the world?
3. Does Kuwait have a comparative advantage in which the country can compete?All materialwill be made on the context of theState of Kuwait. You will understand Kuwait by the numbers whether it is the Balance of Payments, the Government Budget, Social Security, or the reserve with the KIA. That including future projections.Covered also is the measurement of national economic performance, the national economic problem of inflation, and the role of the government in conducting national economic policy.  You will be introduced to basic concepts which will be applicable in other courses in economics, business, social science, and humanities

This project is based on an Economics course that follows macro-economic concept and its main aim is the restructuring of Kuwait’s economy in 15 years from today (by 2030) and how will we change it to being a better place in an economic wise way by cutting costs, increasing capital and money supply and opening Kuwait to be an investment hub in the upcoming years depending on the points below.
The aim here is to show how can we restructure by time and change slowly that can be adaptable and in the same time successful and showing that certainly Kuwait is a socialist country therefore it still has to have its incentives even in the long term.


I. State of Kuwait Specifications:
1. GCC and OECD Countries comparison.
2. Discussion about the Rentier State of Kuwait. (2 Pg.)
3. The Theory of Information (Nobel Paper by Frederick Von Hayek) and will discuss the road to serfdom since our problems in Kuwait are discussed form the 1950s by Hayek. (2 Pg.)
4. Kuwaiti Government Budget and the effects of the limitation of the negative externalities
5. Creating a two-tier economy and its impact.
6. Financing structure and its huge effect on the economy (Discussion about the bond market).
7. Imported labor and remittances.
8. Economic Analysis of the Development Plan and its realism.
9. Kuwait Investment Authority and editing its mandate.

II. Economic Theory Specifications:
1.  Describe the nature and purpose of economic theory and economic models in the context of the State of Kuwait
2.  Identify and evaluate sources and effects of “market failure”.
3.  Evaluate the role of government and identify the economic benefit of specified governmental activities

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