Australia_Foreign_Policy_essayPaper instructions:

Australia must shift its security alliances to Asia.
Essay – international relations and foreign policy.
Australia is a Commonwealth country with total security allegiance to the US – yet it is situated deep in Asia.
As we move into the Asian century Australia must shift its security alliances to Asia rather than the US and UK.
This essay must use quality research and data to summarize the relevant factors of the Asian century and how Australia is and will continue to benefit economically and socially.
Then the essay must identify how Australia’s relations in Asia are strained by its current US / UK security alliance. Show how these issues are being discussed by the main players – governments, industries, international agencies.
It is important to include concepts of international relations theory and foreign policy decision making to base the essay in an academic framework.
Conclude the essay with a summary of the main domestic and international measures Australia must take to shift its security alliances to Asia.
Essay style – Masters level.
Minimum 20 fully detailed strong references including academic journals, texts, news reports, and online sources.
Use Harvard style referencing with specific page numbers attributed to all references in the body copy.
The essay must be original as it will be checked for plagiarism against online sources, journals, text books, and a global database of assignments.

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