Day: February 8, 2018

SIM Role Play


25 min ago your client got a phone call from her daughter-in-law that her water has broken and she is on her way to the hospital. A bedside family meeting has been requested by the patient, and family. They are a big and close knit group. It is Sunday and the client is in the hospital awaiting an important MRI that needs to be done right away. MRI’s are only completed during weekdays, so this test must wait until Monday. The time is not set. The client’s issue is that, this is her first grandchild, and she very much would like to be present for the delivery; which should happen sometime in the next 24 hours. Continue reading

Finance & Budget


An organization’s operational budget is no more than next year\’s action plan in financial terms. It should list major goals and objectives for the upcoming year, as outlined in an organization’s strategic plan. The budget must identify which programs or services best achieve those goals and estimate all expenses necessary to deliver them. Budget documents should also include expectations for revenue. Despite the necessary elements involved in all operational budgets, these documents can vary in quality from organization to organization. Continue reading

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