Day: February 18, 2018

Animal Sexual Selection


You will have an opportunity to engage in some animal behavior research yourself!  You should find an animal that you can actually observe in your everyday life that illustrates one or more of the concepts we’ve learned about in the course (parental investment theory, sexual selection, exotic mating behavior, etc…) Continue reading

Cyberpunk Text Analysis


Write a four page paper (double-spaced) that makes a structured, multi-part critical argument which refers closely to one cyberpunk text. In addition to four pages of writing, the paper should include a separate Works Cited page appended to the end of the document.
The paper should begin with a short introductory paragraph containing your thesis statement. That is, a statement of the argument you will make in this paper. You should also indicate clearly in this first paragraph which question you are answering. Continue reading

Transformational Leadership


Your group is to select five (5) theories/hypotheses/models/frameworks from the list provided on Blackboard that are associated with leadership communication. Once the group has selected the
five leadership terms, your group will explore the origination of each theory/hypothesis/model/
framework selected. Continue reading

Income Tax


All scenarios are hypothetical and are set for the purpose of this assignment. All taxpayers have a standard balance date of 31 March. All currency is expressed in New Zealand dollars. Questions relate to the provisions of the Income Tax Act 2007.
– Dee Loit is a tax consultant for three different clients, A, B, and C, all of whom are NZ residents. He asks you to look into the income tax implications for each of these three clients.  Continue reading

Argumentative Research Paper


Writing a research paper gives you an opportunity to explore a topic of special interest, research that topic, and organize your research findings in writing for an academic audience. Through your preparation work, you have established an argumentative thesis statement and have planned a clear organization of your main points. Your research is complete, and the details are integrated into your writing plan. You have pulled it all together in a draft and have revised the paper’s organization, ideas, and words. In this task, you will write the final draft of your argumentative research paper. You may use the sources and thesis from Task 1, but it is not required. Aim for a polished, error-free submission. Continue reading

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