Day: February 3, 2018

Managerial Capitalism According to Alfred Chandler



Explain what Alfred Chandler meant by “scale”, “scope” and “managerial capitalism”?  Discuss the implications of these concepts for the digital economy. Continue reading

Wall Street on Allocating Capital to Businesses


Wall Street can allocate capital among competing businesses and monitor and discipline managers more effectively than the CEO and headquarters staff of the typical diversified company. Discuss. The word limit is 2,000 words and in the interests of clarity and a level playing field we ask you to respect this convention. Continue reading

Emotions are Problematic For Organizations


Emotions are problematic for organisations. Critically assess this statement, drawing upon both theory and research evidence to support your answer. Continue reading

Implications of Banning Employment Tribunal Fees in England & Wales


The purpose of this assignment is to test the understanding of the parameters and practical detail of key employment law rules and regulations and their effect on employee management within the workplace.The Supreme Court has now made a decision that fees for employment tribunals are illegal (in the England and Wales). Consider the implications for this decision on this. Continue reading

How to Manage Human Resources in The Shipping Industry


Gaining competitive advantage is critical for organizations. Organizations seek to gain a competitive advantage in the market in order to be more profitable than their competitors. However, competitive advantages are typically temporary unless the organization also has the human resources it needs to successfully implement the organizational strategy. You should propose and analyse effective strategies for managing human resources in the shipping industry, in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Continue reading

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