Day: February 7, 2018

The Law & Public Policy


At every level of government, laws are passed in order to implement a public policy. In fact, almost every law in the country enforces some public policy or provides for some kind of public service. From requiring immunizations and setting speed limits to limiting sales of firearms and restricting the sale of drugs and alcohol, laws are intended to serve the greater good by promulgating and/or implementing public policies. In this Assignment, you analyze specific implications of public policy on laws/regulations. Continue reading

Plagiarism & Paraphrasing


The three-step process of paraphrasing consists of interpreting an author’s original passage, rephrasing it (i.e., putting it into your own words), and citing (i.e., giving credit to) the author. In order to paraphrase correctly, students must consider the difference between the original text and the re-wording, while still maintaining the original author’s meaning. In contrast to paraphrasing, the academic crime of plagiarism occurs when a second writer presents an original author’s work as his or her own without the use of quotation marks and citation. Continue reading

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