At every level of government, laws are passed in order to implement a public policy. In fact, almost every law in the country enforces some public policy or provides for some kind of public service. From requiring immunizations and setting speed limits to limiting sales of firearms and restricting the sale of drugs and alcohol, laws are intended to serve the greater good by promulgating and/or implementing public policies. In this Assignment, you analyze specific implications of public policy on laws/regulations.

For this Assignment, review the Learning Resources. Reflect on the controversial issues of gay marriage, gun control, and tobacco regulation. Consider what social, cultural, political, environmental, and economic factors influence any laws or policies surrounding those three issues. Think about the purpose and process of policymaking and the impact of laws on the daily lives of citizens.

The Assignment: 3 pages, not including title pages and references

  • Select one of the following issues:
  • 1. Gun Control
  • Describe the stakeholders involved.
  • Describe the laws and bills related to the issue that have already been introduced.
  • Explain any controversy or debate surrounding the issue.
  • Explain the barriers that might exist in implementing new policy related to the issue.
  • Explain how various factors (social, cultural, political, environmental, and economic) influence the formulation of the policy or law.