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What is Cerebral Palsy


Cerebral palsy is a condition that usually stems from injury to the brain either in utero or through the birth process. It is a broad term that takes into account different forms of the diagnosis. Continue reading

Catherine Davis & Dylan Thomas Ideas of Death


Read “After a Time” by Catherine Davis  and compare/contrast her ideas about death with Dylan Thomas’ in “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”. Continue reading

Impact of Technology on Health Care


Read the following chapter in the textbook: Chapter 13 & 14 Shi, L. & Singh D. A. (2014). Delivering Healthcare in America (6th edition). ISBN-978-1284047127; Publisher: Jones & Bartlett.
Provide an overview of what new technology might achieve in the delivery of health care. Use the scholarly criteria to find articles concerning this topic. Continue reading

Analysis of the Indian Culture


Assess and include transcultural beliefs including language, religious practices, socioeconomic status, end-of-life practices, dietary preferences, risky behaviors. Identify healthcare behaviors(i.e. nontraditional therapies). Identify challenges and outcomes related to these challenges. Continue reading

Historical Event


One of the really important underlying principles of the fields of African and African American, American and Global Gender Studies is that history/literature look different from different perspectives. For this assignment, you will write a paper in which you analyze a historical event/process/theme, literary or other text, or cultural symbol from any standpoint relevant to your major (e.g., from that of women, African Americans, Native Americans, etc.). Continue reading

Graduation Related Stress


Discuss various causes and implications of the stress experienced by  high school students and undergraduate students while preparing for graduation, and ways that they might cope. Continue reading

Green Card Marriages


People from other countries can stay in the United States through work visa or form a family through green card marriage. Please watch the Trailer Inconvenient Stay and respond to the following questions
Continue reading

Social Media & Adult Learning


Explain and discuss what is the “social media revolution” taking place in education and the implications of this for adult learning. Be sure to draw on the learning theories (e.g., behaviorism versus constructivism) and topics (e.g., teacher-directed versus self-directed learning) explored in this course, perhaps by comparing and contrasting these with the value you see in the use of social media in adult education. Continue reading

Alexander the Great’s Conquests


Discuss the conquests of Alexander the Great. Why is Alexander often lauded as being a great military commander? Do you believe he was more lucky than skilled in his victories against the Persians? Continue reading

Literacy Learning Centers


Emerging Literacy for Elementary Teachers © 2017 American College of Education 1 Module 3 Application Submit at the end of Module 3. Creating Interactive Learning Centers In this application assignment, you will create interactive learning centers to support phonics in an age-appropriate environment. At least one of the centers should integrate technology. Continue reading

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