Day: September 23, 2019

The NORSE Corp Map Attack


With the increase in chatter and the increase in documented attacks, you now need to investigate the NORSE attack map in live time in order to analyze the potential for attacks on the grid.
Analyze the attack pattern on the map over a period of a week. Write a report (2 – 4 pages) that includes:
• Location of current threats and note the time you are viewing the map.
• What countries are most involved? What country has the greatest number of attacks?
• Are there any unusual targets or origins?
• What type of attacks are occurring?

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Male Depression: Toxic Masculity


Discuss the male perspective of depression when looking at toxic masculinity and alexithymia as factors of depression.

How a Manager Can Improve Collaboration in his/her Team


What should be a manager’s goal in encouraging collaboration among those he or she manages? When is engaging in a collaborative discussion counterproductive to accomplishing organizational goals?

Marx, Weber, or Durkheim


 Which classical (Marx, Weber, or Durkheim) is your favorite? Why? Share your three favorite quotes  from your favorite classical theorist, being sure to cite page numbers. Why do you like these quotes? What did you struggle with the most in completing their readings and assignments? Why?

Justice & Injustice in the Relationship Between the Characters of “A Doll’s House.”


Read Act III (pages 790-805) of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. Apply as many of the literary terms such as point of view, characters, setting, onto the play to better comprehend and write about it, and then conduct further literary analysis by expressing your opinion regarding the justice and injustice in the relationship between the main characters of “A Doll’s House.”

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