Day: September 30, 2019

Abusive Fathers


Discuss how abusive fathers impact their children and the family all together. Why don’t all children have great experiences with their fathers?

Data Collection and Analysis Quick Reference Guide


Imagine having to teach people about data collection and data analytics (specifically in the realm of social media – gender, age, language, and location) who know nothing about either of the two topics.
*Build a 10 minute discussion that can also be used to disseminate as a quick reference guide to the beginners comprised of no more than 2 pages excluding a cover page.

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West African Vs. East African Civilization


How would you compare the civilizations of Western Africa with those of Eastern? How would you explain the similarities or differences?

Differences Vs. Similarities Between African & Eurasian Civilizations

Which do you see as more striking- the differences between African and Eurasian civilizations or the similarities?

How the Chinese in California & the Working Class in New York influenced History

To paraphrase Karl Marx: Men and women make history, but they do not make it as they please. Hernandez and Beckert both write about the way that the Chinese in California and the working class in New York influenced the history of these regions. Even though the Chinese and the workers were not the victors in their respective conflicts, they did shape and influence identity, law and politics in various ways.

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