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Emerging health issues: How infectious diseases create a challenge for population health promotion

VULNERABLE POPULATIONS Social Justice Paper. 5- Pages paper using a social justice theoretical perspective Topic: Emerging health issues: How infectious diseases create a challenge for population health promotion. This is a 5- page paper designed to employ a social justice theoretical lens to investigate the relationship between a significant health problem for a vulnerable population (population-based)and macro structures which influence health outcomes for this selected group. Describe the vulnerable population you have chosen and the health problem of interest for that population. Use your literature review to develop your description (demographics, vulnerability traits). Provide a 1-2 sentence synthesis statement of why this population is vulnerable regarding this health condition. Explain how social justice or injustice is experienced by this population. Select one theory of social justice and analyze how history, SES, health barriers, and other determinants of health have shaped the health outcome for this population. Identify one macro structure (a specific institution and/or social structure) and describe how this macro structure affects the health problem you have chosen. Explain its influences on resource allocation for your selected health problem. Using your chosen theory and literature review, propose a macro-level intervention to the health problem for your selected group.

Justify your recommendation based on your literature review. You will also need to thoroughly define your population and describe a specific health inequity experienced by this population that you seek to address in your intervention. Select one specific measurable health outcome as your focus infectious disease. Once you do so, I am sure through your research you will be able to identify an institution or other macro level structure that has an impact – positive or negative – on this population and this health disparity. Remember, the purpose of this paper is to identify why this population is vulnerable and experiences a health disparity and then propose a macro level intervention that would benefit your population.

Also, I encourage you to be sure you view the vulnerability of this population through the theoretical lens of social justice. The goal is to propose an intervention using an institution/agency/social structure you identify but justify the intervention in the language of social justice. Despite this being called the “social justice paper”, the social justice aspect seems to get lost!

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