mental health assignment


Psychosocial Interventions to meet Complex Mental Health Needs

This essay is a reflection on an assessment done with a patient with psychosis. Focus on the voices that he has been hearing. What I did was are as follows 1. I introduced my self to the client as the student nurse that we meet couple of weeks ago

2. I asked him if is okay to proceed from what we talked last time as he mentioned his main concern/worries is about the voices that he has been hearing

3. I used the FIDO which is the Frequency of the voices, Intensity, how intense are the voices, Duration, how long are the present and Onset if he has noticed whether there are particular things that make the voice to show up. I also use the ABC which is the Activity so what he was happening just before he started to hear the voices, Beliefs the thought what was going through his mind at that time and Consequences of what his thinking at that situation. I asked him what helps with the voices he said working with the dogs.

But I asked him more than once or twice which the examiner make comment of repeating that more often I asked the patient if he knows about groups the ” Hearing Voices Network” where people with hearing voices come together to talk about their experiences and what help them to overcome the voices which he said yes. I also suggest the Elanor Longden- Ted talk- it is quite a powerful account of her experience of hearing voices, which the examiner gave a good comment on me mentioning that After that i talk to the patient about a thought diary which I gave him a copy to go home to fill it any time he hear the voices.

But did not explained it properly to him as I struggle to explain. The examiner give a good comment and negative as well which she mentioned that

1. That she could not hear me at time she doesn’t know if am navouse.

2. That I keep looking at my paper to check what next to say so I should take note of that

3. That I mentain a very good eye contact with the patient and warmly which is good. In the assessment I really feel navouse and I need to really explain in datail to a patient what we are going to do and also for him to know and understand. So this essay is about the reflection base on the assessment did with a patient with hearing voices.